Quand un mercenaire augmente de niveau, il peut augmenter trois attributs et choisir un nouveau perk. Les perks représentent les spécialisations possibles pour un mercenaire : être un expert du bouclier, maîtriser à la perfection l'épée, entrer dans une frénésie meurtrière ou récupérer plus efficacement la fatigue accumulée, ne sont que quelques-uns des exemples possibles.

Il existe en tout 50 perks répartis en 7 tiers. Il faut posséder un perk pour débloquer les perks tier 2, deux perks pour débloquer les perks tier 3, et ainsi de suite.

Liste des perks

Perk Tier Description
1 - Fast Adaptation
Fast Adaptation 1 Adapt to your opponent's moves! Gain an additional stacking +8% chance to hit with each attack that misses an opponent. Bonus is reset upon landing a hit.
1 - Crippling Strikes
Crippling Strikes 1 Cripple your enemies! Lowers the threshold to inflict injuries by 33% for both melee and ranged attacks.
1 - Colossus
Colossus 1 Bring it on! Hitpoints are increased by 25%, which also reduces the chance to sustain debilitating injuries when being hit.
1 - Nine Lives
Nine Lives 1 Once per battle, upon receiving a killing blow, survive instead with a few hitpoints left. The next hit is likely to kill you for good, of course.
1 - Bags and Belts
Bags and Belts 1 Unlock two extra bag slots to carry all your favorite things. Items placed in bags no longer give a penalty to Maximum Fatigue, except for two-handed weapons.
1 - Pathfinder
Pathfinder 1 Learn to move on difficult terrain. Action Point costs for movement on all terrain is reduced by -1 to a minimum of 2 Action Points per tile, and Fatigue cost is reduced to half. Changing height levels also has no additional Action Point cost anymore.
1 - Adrenaline
Adrenaline 1 Unlocks the 'Adrenaline' skill which puts you first in the turn order for the next round, to have another turn before your enemies do. Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins!
1 - Recover
Recover 1 Unlocks the 'Recover' skill which allows for resting a turn in order to reduce accumulated Fatigue by 50%.
1 - Student
Student 1 Everything can be learned if you put your mind to it. Gain additional 20% experience from battle. At the eleventh character level, you gain an additional perk point and this perk becomes inert.
2 - Executioner
Executioner 2 Inflict additional 20% damage against targets that have sustained any injury effects, like a broken arm.
2 - Bullseye
Bullseye 2 Nailed it! The penalty to hitchance when shooting at a target you have no clear line of fire is reduced from 75% to 50% for ranged weapons.
2 - Dodge
Dodge 2 Too fast for you! Gain 15% of the character's current Initiative as a bonus to Melee and Ranged Defense.
2 - Fortified Mind
Fortified Mind 2 An iron will is not swayed from the true path easily. Resolve is increased by 25%.
2 - Hold Out
Resilient 2 Keep it together! Any negative status effect with a finite duration (e.g. Bleeding, Charmed) has its duration reduced to 1 turn.
2 - Steel Brow
Steel Brow 2 Hits to the head no longer cause critical damage to this character, which also lowers the risk of sustaining debilitating head injuries significantly.
2 - Quick Hands
Quick Hands 2 Looking for this? Swapping any item in battle except for shields becomes a free action with no Action Point cost once every turn.
2 - Gifted
Gifted 2 Mercenary life comes easy when you're naturally gifted. Instantly gain a levelup to increase this character's attributes with maximum rolls, but without talents.
3 - Backstabber
Backstabber 3 Honor doesn't win your fights, stabbing the enemy where it hurts does. The bonus to hitchance in melee is doubled to +10% for each ally surrounding and distracting your target.
3 - Anticipation
Anticipation 3 When being attacked with ranged weapons, gain 1 + 10% of your base Ranged Defense as additional Ranged Defense per tile that the attacker is away.
3 - Shield Expert
Shield Expert 3 Learn to better deflect hits to the side instead of blocking them head on.

The shield defense bonus is increased by 25%. This also applies to the additional defense bonus of the Shieldwall skill.

Shield damage received is reduced by 50% to a minimum of 1.

The 'Knock Back' skill gains + 15% chance to hit.

3 - Brawny
Brawny 3 The fatigue and initiative penalty from wearing armor and helmet is reduced by 25%.
[[|thumb|56x56px]] Relentless 3 Don't slow down! At all times your Initiative is reduced only by 50% of your accumulated Fatigue, instead of all of it.
3 - Rotation
Rotation 3 Unlocks the 'Rotation' skill which allows two characters to switch places while ignoring Zone of Control as long as neither character is stunned, rooted or otherwise disabled.
3 - Rally the Troops
Rally the Troops 3 Unlocks the 'Rally' skill which can rally fleeing allies, and raise morale of all nearby allies to a steady level. The higher the Resolve of the character using the skill, the higher the chance to succeed.
3 - Taunt
Taunt 3 Unlocks the 'Taunt' skill which makes the targeted opponent take offensive actions instead of defensive ones, and attack the taunting character over another, potentially more vulnerable one.
4 - Mace Mastery
Mace Mastery 4 Master maces to beat your opponents into submission, armored or not. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

Knock Out and Strike Down have a 100% chance to stun the target if not immune.

4 - Flail Mastery
Flail Mastery 4 Master flails and circumvent your opponent's shield. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

Lash and Hail ignore the defense bonus of shields.

Thresh gains +5% chance to hit.

4 - Hammer Mastery
Hammer Mastery 4 Master hammers and fighting against heavily armored opponents. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

Destroy Armor and Demolish Armor inflict 33% more damage against armor.

Shatter gains +5% chance to hit.

The Polehammer no longer has a penalty for attacking targets directly adjacent.

4 - Axe Mastery
Axe Mastery 4 Master combat with axes and destroying shields. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

Split Shield damage to shields is increased by 50% when used with axes.

Round Swing gains +5% chance to hit.

The Longaxe no longer has a penalty for attacking targets directly adjacent.

4 - Cleaver Mastery
Cleaver Mastery 4 Master cleavers to inflict gruesome wounds. Skills buid up 25% less Fatigue.

Bleeding damage inflicted by cleavers and whips is doubled to 10 and 20 per turn, respectively.

Disarm no longer has a penalty to hit.

4 - Sword Mastery
Sword Mastery 4 Master the art of swordfighting and using your opponent's mistakes to your advantage. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

Riposte no longer has a penalty to hitchance.

Split and Swing gain +5% chance to hit.

4 - Dagger Mastery
Dagger Mastery 4 Master swift and deadly daggers. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

Stab and Puncture have a reduced Action Point cost to allow for an additional attack each turn.

4 - Polearm Mastery
Polearm Mastery 4 Master polearms and keeping the enemy at bay. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

Polearm skills have their Action Point cost reduced to 5, and no longer have a penalty for attacking targets directly adjacent.

4 - Spear Mastery
Spear Mastery 4 Master fighting with spears and keeping the enemy at bay. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

Spearwall is no longer disabled once an opponent manages to overcome it. Instead, Spearwall continues to give free attacks on any further opponent attempting to enter the Zone of Control.

The Spetum and Warfork no longer have a penalty for attacking targets directly adjacent.

4 - Crossbow Mastery
Crossbow Mastery 4 Master crossbows and learn where to aim best. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

An additional 20% of damage inflicted with crossbows ignores armor.

4 - Bow Mastery
Bow Mastery 4 Master the art of archery and pelting your opponents with arrows from afar. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

View range and maximum firing range with bows is increased by +1.

4 - Throwing Mastery
Throwing Mastery 4 Master throwing weapons to wound or kill the enemy before they even get close. Skills build up 25% less Fatigue.

Damage is increased by 40% when attacking at 2 tiles of distance.

Damage is increased by 20% when attacking at 3 tiles of distance.

5 - Reach Advantage
Reach Advantage 5 Learn to use the superior reach of large weapons to keep the enemy from getting close enough to land a good hit.

Each hit with a two-handed melee weapon adds a stack of Reach Advantage that increases your Melee Defense by +5, up to a maximum of 5 stacks, until this character's next turn. A single attack hitting multiple targets can add several stacks at once.

If you put away your weapon, you lose all stacks.

5 - Overwhelm
Overwhelm 5 Learn to take advantage of your high initiative and prevent the enemy from attacking effectively by overwhelming them with your attacks!

With every attacks, hit or miss, against an opponent that acts after your in the current round, inflict the 'Overwhelmed' statut effect which lowers both Melee Skill and Ranged Skill by 10% for one turn.

The effect stacks with each attack, and can be applied to multiple targets at once with a single attack.

5 - Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 5 I work best alone. With no ally within 3 tiles of distance, gain a 15% bonus to Melee Skill, Ranged Skill, Melee Defense, Ranged Defense, and Resolve.
5 - Underdog
Underdog 5 I'm used to it. The defense malus due to being surrounded by opponents no longer applies to this character. If an attacker has the Backstabber perk, the effect of that perk is negated, and the normal defense malus due to being surrounded is applied instead.
5 - Footwork
Footwork 5 Unlocks the 'Footwork' skill which allows you to leave a Zone of Control without triggering free attacks by using skillful footwork.
6 - Berserk
Berserk 6 RAAARGH! Once per turn, upon killing an enemy, 4 Action Points are immediately regained. Characters can not regain more than their maximum Action Points and no more than 4 for a single attack.
6 - Head Hunter
Head Hunter 6 Go for the head! Gain +15% chance to hit the head for critical damage each time you hit the body. Bonus is reset upon hitting the head.
6 - Nimble
Nimble 6

Specialize in light armor! By nimbly dodging or deflecting blows, convert any hits to glancing hits. Hitpoint damage taken is reduced by up to 60%, but lowered exponentially by the total penalty to Maximum Fatigue from body and head armor above 15. The lighter your armor and weapons, the more you benefit.

Brawny does not affect this perk.

Does not affect damage from status effects, but can help to avoid receiving them.

6 - Battle Forged
Battle Forged 6

Specialize in heavy armor! Armor damage taken is reduced by a percentage equal to 5% of the current total armor value of both body and head armor. The heavier your armor and helmet, the more you benefit.

Does not affect damage from status effects, but can help to avoid receiving them.

7 - Fearsome
Fearsome 7 Make them scatter and flee! Any attack that inflicts at least 1 point of damage to hitpoints triggers a morale check for the opponent, as opposed to only if at or above 15 points of damage.
7 - Duelist
Duelist 7 Become one with your weapon and go for the weak spots! With the offhand free or carrying a throwable tool (e.g. throwing net), an additional +25% of any damage ignores armor. Does not work with two-handed weapons.
7 - Killing Frenzy
Killing Frenzy 7 Go into a killing frenzy! A kill increases all damage by 25% for 2 turns. Does not stack, but another kill will reset the timer.
7 - Indomitable
Indomitable 7 Unlocks the 'Indomitable' skill which grants a 50% damage reduction and immunity to being stunned, knocked back or grabbed for one turn.

Liste des skills débloquées par les perks

Skill AP Fatigue Description Effet Perk lié
Skill - Adrenaline
Adrenaline 0 20 Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you seize the opportunity to act faster than your opponent.
  • Puts this character first in next round's turn order
Adrenaline (1)
Skill - Recover
Recover 9 0 Take a deep breath and rest for a turn in order to recover your strength.
  • Current Fatigue is reduced by half
Recover (1)
Skill - Rotation
Rotation 3 25 Switch places with another character directly adjacent, provided neither the target is stunned or rooted, nor the character using the skill is. Rotate the battle line to keep fresh troops in front!
  • Cf. description
Rotation (3)
Skill - Rally
Rally 6 25 Raaaaally! Use this character's inspirational resolve to rally nearby fleeing allies and push everyone to go the extra mile. A single character can only be rallied once per round.
  • Triggers a morale check to rally fleeing allies within 4 tiles distance, with a bonus to Resolve of +X based on this character's Resolve
  • Triggers a morale check to raise the morale of anyone wavering or worse within 4 tiles of distance, with a bonus to Resolve of +X based on this character's Resolve, but lowered by -10 per tile distance
  • +X étant la résolution divisée par 2,5 du personnage utilisant Rally
Rally the troops (3)
Skill - Taunt
Taunt 4 15 You fight like a cow! Taunt a single opponent into attacking this character instead of taking defensive actions or attacking another, potentially more vulnerable target.
  • Force the target to engage and attack this character, if possible, on their next turn. Note that targets will still adhere to their group strategy, and may not blindly charge forward.
Taunt (3)
Skill - Footwork
Footwork 3 25 Use skillful footwork to leave a Zone of Control without triggering free attacks.
  • Cf. description
Footwork (5)
Skill - Indomitable
Indomitable 3 25 Gather all this character's physical strength and willpower to become indomitable until next turn.
  • Only receive 50% of any damage
  • Become immune to being stunned
  • Become immune to being knocked back or grabbed
Indomitable (7)

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