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All ambitions give 100 renown (which boosts contract payout) and lift the mood of the entire company. Some offer other rewards. An ambition can be cancelled at any time but it it comes at the cost of a morale hit for the company. Abandoned ambitions will not be available the next time an ambition is chosen, though subsequently can appear again.

After several ambitions have been completed, an option to select "No Ambition" will begin appearing. Selecting "No Ambition" means not getting to pick another ambition until a week (~7 days) has passed. Cancelling an ambition only results in waiting a day or two before getting to choose again.

Ambition unavailability is usually temporary. For example: if you have 3 helms with 230+ durability when choosing an ambition, the heavy armor ambition will never be an option, but if you sell one, you can once again receive the heavy armor ambition as a choice.

List of Ambitions Edit

Ambition Text Completed Upon Reward Availability
"We shall get the company strength back to a dozen men! It will make us a formidable force again and will allow us to take on more profitable work." Have a roster of at least 12 men Have never had more than 11 men
"Let's build up our numbers to twenty good men so that the wounded may rest and the weary regain their strength between skirmishes." Have a roster of 20 men Have no more than 14 men

Must have completed ambition to recruit 12 men
"We need allies. Forging a bond of friendship and trust with one of the towns will get the company better prices, more volunteers and more steady work." Get to 'Friendly' relations with a civilian faction No civilian faction has 'Friendly' or higher relations
"I know the soles of your feet are itchy for the open road, and we need to spread word about the company. Let us pay vist to every settlement far and wide!" Visit every town and fortification in the world At least four towns and/or fortifications have yet to be visited
"We need a battle standard so that we're recognized from afar! Having one made is costly, so we shall gather 2,000 crowns for this." Have at least 2,000 crowns (1,000 crown cost) Battle Standard
Banner 15 weapon
(Polearm, aura grants 10% of wielder's Resolve to men in the company within 4 tiles)

Repeatable if Battle Standard lost or sold
"We fight well, but we need to be better organized in case things get dire. I shall name a sergeant to rally you on the battlefield." Have one man with the 'Rally the Troops' perk Sergeants Sash
Sergeant trophy
(Accessory, grants +10 Resolve)
Must own a Battle Standard

Repeatable if Sergeant's Sash lost or sold
"We can barely carry any more equipment or spoils of war. Let us save up 7,500 crowns to buy us a cart and relieve our backs!" Have at least 7,500 crowns (5,000 crown cost) Gain 27 global inventory slots Always
"A cart to carry our things is fine and all, but it won't do. Let's save up 15,000 crowns and buy us a real wagon!" Have at least 15,000 crowns (10,000 crown cost) Gain 26 global inventory slots Must have completed ambition to buy cart (7,500 crowns)
"Should a battle or two go against us we may find ourselves out of pocket and short of equipment. The company will therefore build a reserve of 10,000 crowns." Have at least 10,000 crowns Have less than 9,000 crowns
"Crowns mean power and influence, and we can never have enough of either. Let us gather 50,000 crowns and earn our seat amongst noblemen and kings!" Have at least 50,000 crowns Have less than 45,000 crowns

Must have completed ambition to amass 10,000 crowns
"We need to catch the eye of one of the noble houses for more profitable work. They play their own dangerous game, but what does it matter as long as the pay is good?" Reach 'Professional' (1,050) renown Can accept noble house contracts Always
"Already we are known in some parts of the land, yet we are still far from being a legendary company. We shall increase our renown further!" Reach 'Glorious' (2,750) renown Have less than 2,650 renown

Must have completed ambition to reach 'Professional' (1,050) renown
"There were few legendary mercenary companies throughout history. We are close to having our name become immortal and be counted among them!" Reach "Invincible' (8,000) renown Increases vision around towns and fortifications slightly Have less than 7,800 renown

Must have completed ambition to reach 'Glorious' (2,750) renown
"We shall earn the trust of a noble house and become their ally. Surely they will share the fruits of their well-stocked armories with good friends." Get to 'Allied' relations with a noble house Gain a faction-appropriate Decorated Full Helm and Heraldic Hauberk, along with two Heater Shields and two Kite Shields Relations with all noble houses at less than 'Allied'

Must have completed ambition to reach 'Professional' (1,050) renown
"We shall outfit a contingent of at least three men with heavy armor to act as a bulwark against dangerous opponents." Have 3 pieces of body armor and 3 helmets, all with 230+ durability Own no more than 2 pieces of body armor and 2 helmets, each with 230+ durability
"A respectable company is recognized by their equipment. We should head out and claim either a famed weapon, shield, armor or helmet to increase our renown." Have at least 1 famed piece of equipment (?) Own no famed equipment
"A famed company is recognized by their equipment. We should head out and claim a prestigious weapon, shield, armor and helmet to increase our renown." Have a famed weapon, shield, armor and helmet Still available if own three different types of famed items

Must have at least 1 famed piece of equipment
"Imagine the trail of terror we could blaze if your skills matched your bravery. We shall train five men to master their weapons so that they may act as a vanguard!" Have 5 men with a weapon mastery perk each No more than 2 men with a weapon mastery perk
"Our company is ill-prepared to fight armored opponents. We shall train two men to master the hammer in combat, and no knight will be safe from us." Have 2 men with the hammer mastery perk No more than 1 man with hammer mastery perk
"The company lacks competent archers, limiting our tactical options. We shall train three men to master bow or crossbow and be deadly from afar!" Have 3 men with the bow or crossbow mastery perk No more than 2 men with a bow or crossbow mastery perk
"Let us set aside skirmishes for now and seek to defeat a group of at least a dozen opponents. That is how our name will become known throughout the land!" Win a battle against 12 or more enemies Have never won a battle against 12 or more enemies
"We achieved some renown, but now you can see real fame on the horizon. Let us defeat a formidable force of two dozen opponents in battle!" Win a battle against 24 or more enemies Have never won a battle against 24 or more enemies

Must have completed ambition to defeat 12 or more enemies
"The best way to prove that we are the strongest company around is to defeat another mercenary band in battle!" Defeat another mercenary company Always
"Let us set out into the wilderness, discover the unknown, and plunder it. Be it a wizard's tomb, goblin camp, or aught else we may find." Discover a ruin or hostile camp, and destroy it (cannot be target of contract) Cannot already have destroyed a ruin or hostile camp (contract targets do not count)
"Great explorers become men of legend. Going into the wild lands is a dangerous business, but the tales we'll tell afterward will surely increase our renown." Discover 8 hidden locations by exploring the world (only those found after accepting this ambition count, cannot be target of contracts) Must have completed ambition to discover and destroy a ruin or hostile camp
"The wilds are teeming with hidden treasures that others are not bold enough to claim. This is our chance, so let us head out there and find three legendary places!" Discover 3 legendary locations by exploring the world Must have completed ambition to discover 8 hidden locations in the world
"Only the most daring take on goblins in larger numbers. We shall burn some of their fetid camps to the ground, and word of it will travel!" Destroy 4 locations controlled by goblins Goblin Trophy
Goblin trophy
(Accessory, grants immunity to being caught in a net and root effects)
"The walking dead are a terrible curse upon man. Let us burn some of their lairs to the ground and earn the respect of all decent folk!" Destroy 4 locations beset by undead Undead Trophy
Undead trophy
(Accessory, grants immunity to fear and mind control abilities)
"Besting orcs in battle and burning down some of their camps would make people recognize the company's ability on the battlefield. Let us do so!" Destroy 4 locations controlled by orcs Orc Trophy
Orc trophy
(Accessory, grants stun immunity)
"Mundane armors won't do for a real mercenary outfit. We should adorn our gear with trophies of our deeds!" Have at least 6 armors with attachments Less than 3? armors with attachments
"Nothing commands respect as a trophy of a giant beast of the frozen wastes. Let's go hunt and get the taxidermist some work!" Craft 12 items at the taxidermist (items crafted before accepting this ambition count towards total) Always
"I know you are weary of our bad fortune and the stale fare day after day. We shall get food and drink from all over the land and have a feast!" Have one of each provision type there is Majority of men at Dissatisfied morale or lower OR cancelled ambition two times
"If we can win this war for one of the noble houses, our name will be unmatched. Let us pick a side, bask in the glory of battle and get rich for it!" Defeat noble house war Ongoing noble house war late game crisis
"The Greenskin Invasion is threatning to sweep away our world. We shall stand strong and fend off, for this is how legends are born!" Defeat greenskin invasion Ongoing greenskin invasion late game crisis
"The Undead are rising all over the lands, killing and devouring at sight. We need to put an end to this, or soon there will be no world as we know it left." Defeat undead scourge Ongoing undead scourge late game crisis

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