An Arbalester is a soldier type which fights for a noble house. These men, as most of the soldiers from a noble house, are brave fighters and do not easily get panicked and flee from the battlefield. Of course, these soldiers aren't a big deal within melee fights, but in ranged combat, they have to be taken seriously as they have a high accuracy and strong Crossbows which makes it even easier to land a hit and, as a result, they are able to quickly kill an enemy.


These soldiers occur within the battle lines and fortifications of a noble house.
To be more accurate; they travel with patrols and supply caravans of their noble house, stand guard in their watchtowers and castles to protect, together with other soldiers, the surrounding lands.

Battle TacticsEdit

They usually protect the wings of the soldiers formation, shooting enemies which try to bypass the wings as well as still having an eye onto the main battle line.


  • The equipment varies. The equipment shown in the infobox is usual equipment that is often used for this type of unit.