Battle Brothers Wiki
Beasthunters.png Beast Slayers Difficulty hard.png
Event 122.png
You and your men make your living by hunting down the many beasts that beset villages on the fringes of civilization. It's dangerous work, but it pays well enough, and there's always a bigger beast to slay and more crowns to earn.

Special.png Beast Slayers: Start with three beast slayers and decent equipment, as well as some beast trophies.
Special.png Expert Trackers: See tracks from further away.
Special.png Expert Skinners: Each beast you slay has a 50% chance to drop an additional trophy.
Special.png Prejudice: Most people don't trust your kind, so you get 10% worse prices.


Beast slayer.png Beast Slayer (lvl.2), Beast slayer.png Beast Slayer (lvl.2), Beast slayer.png Beast Slayer (lvl.2)


Economic Setting
High: 1875 40 80 30
Medium: 1500 20 40 20
Low: 1125 10 20 10
Renown Reputation Relations
Other Items
200 Neutral Neutral 1x Ground Grains 1x Witch Hair
2x Unusually Large Wolf Pelt
1x Night Owl Elixir
1x Wardog


  • 10% increased buying prices
  • 10% lower selling prices
  • Can see tracks from further away
  • 50% chance to get additional beast trophies (100% from the kraken)
  • one brother starts with a temporary injury