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Eriktion Eriktion 14 August 2020

The Battle Brothers Wiki needs some help!

I just wanted to point out that we updated the To-do list for this wiki!

With the new DLC comes a lot of work. This list provides different tasks for different experience levels. So there should be something you can contribute if you choose to.

You can also add new tasks if you think there is something missing.

Anyways, enjoy the new DLC!

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Eriktion Eriktion 20 May 2019

Vote on your favourite origin!

Im curious what origin the community enjoys the most.

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Awyman13 Awyman13 9 May 2019

Your Fandom Wiki Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

  • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
  • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
  • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
  • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

Questions? Let me know how I can help. - awyman13 Talk Work 04:30, May 9, 2019 (UTC)

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Vilain Joueur Vilain Joueur 2 April 2019

Rework of the Pages Related to Injuries

This is part of the larger update made possible with the opening of the game code (see this blog entry). It's a milestone for me, symbolic of the way traveled and the progress made since I started working on the wiki as one of my first substantial contribution was done on the Temporary Injuries page. But without further ado, these are the changes brought to all relevant pages:

  • the 'Injury' category was removed in favor of an 'Injuries' category (using the plural form for list or group of items instead of concepts)
  • all tables were reformatted; the Injuries page will now contain general information on the injury mechanics, compact tables of injuries and links to detailed pages for each of the main types: Temporary Injuries and Permanent Injuri…
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Cottandy Cottandy 6 March 2019

Legends Mod - it's legendary

For the ones, who don't know of about overhaul "Legends Mod" existence. I'm pretty sure most of Battle Brothers' fans have always been looking for at least something like this or maybe exactly for it.

Download location:

Info about it from primary source .

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Vilain Joueur Vilain Joueur 29 January 2019

Rework of the Character Backgrounds Page

This rework of the Character Backgrounds page follows this discussion.

A lot of outdated or badly formatted data was removed to make things understandable and simple again. Unnecessary chatter and opinions were also cleared. Meaningful ideas were kept and shortened more to the point.

Two new tables were put in with exact data from the now open game files (scripts).

Feel free to discuss the changes here.

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Vilain Joueur Vilain Joueur 27 January 2019

Using the Battle Brothers Mod Kit to Retrieve Data

Thanks to the admirable work done by Adam Milazzo on his Battle Brothers mod kit, we can now access, read and edit the game compiled script files.

What this means for us contributors is that we can now find precise data about every interesting aspect of the game like Game mechanics, Events, Weapons, etc.

In this post, I want to give some information about how to set up the mod kit and start accessing the files. The author's Readme does that to an extent but I figured more details wouldn't hurt.

1° First, you need to extract the contents of the game 'data_001' archive. See this or the kit Readme for more information
2° Download and extract the kit
3° Open a command prompt (type 'run' in the Windows search bar and enter), then type 'cmd'
4° Go to …

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Eriktion Eriktion 22 January 2019

Is it time to update the stats of the backgrounds?

Someone extracted all the background-stats from the game-scripts and collected them in a spreadsheet. Those values seem to be 100% accurate. 

So if we update those stats on the character backgrounds page , how should that be done?

Do we use averages? What exactly do we display in the background table?

Just to visualize two examples (average stats first):

Now with the min. and max. stat changes:

Any thoughts?

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Vilain Joueur Vilain Joueur 12 December 2018

Rework of the Settlements and Attached Locations Page

This rework of the Settlements_and_attached_locations page follows the discussion made here but has a larger scope.

  • Several names haven been changed according to the game lore or developer blogs and comments
  • New categories have been added to better distinguish between Settlements and Locations
  • Unnecessary text and wrong assumptions have been removed
  • The content is displayed in a more compact way which will further reduce scrolling
  • Added references

More needs to be done, including renaming the page and possibly moving more content there. It will be covered in an other blog entry when and if done.

History: old and new page.

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Eriktion Eriktion 7 December 2018


thats nasty

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Vilain Joueur Vilain Joueur 10 September 2018

Rework of The Unique Items Parent and Children Pages

What was initially a renaming of the Unique Items page became a complete rework of everything related to it. This blog post will detail the various changes and the reasons behind them. Sometimes, I will also explain why I didn't make changes that could have been made. The changes themselves are for most of them ready to be implemented but I wanted to write this first as a sort of reference that could be linked to when editing. It could also be used by other users to contest my decisions or change things in the future.

  • 1 Renaming
    • 1.1 Shields
    • 1.2 Armors
    • 1.3 Helmets
  • 2 Overhaul of the parent page
  • 3 Changes to the children pages

I decided to rename several pages including the Unique Items page to fit, in short, the official naming. A more detailed explanati…

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Vilain Joueur Vilain Joueur 31 August 2018

Work on News and Dev Blogs

I just finished adding all relevant Steam news on the News_and_Dev_Blogs, task which was very exhausting. So I will add what's on the official website later. I had to remove all images. First, because they can't be pasted and need to be uploaded before being inserted (which would take hours to do for that amount of data). Second, because the page would be way too big and too long to load.

I hope this will be useful in the future for research purpose. It will help tremendously in quickly finding what's been done with the game and when.

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Vilain Joueur Vilain Joueur 30 August 2018

Personal To-do List

  • Information on Backgrounds location (will get in with a rework of the Settlements and attached locations page
  • Rework of the Skills page with data from the code
  • Table for Settlement Situations
  • Enemies somehow
  • Rework of the Combat Mechanics page (it looks untidy right now)
  • Weapon skills stats (when they differ from weapon stats) for the Damage page

  • Work on the Collaborative Game Guide has been halted but I hope to get back to it (after the release of the 'Warriors of the North' DLC most likely)
  • Individual pages for events (almost completely done thanks to User:Eriktion, higher resolution images may be lacking)
  • Section in Modding for the hooks mod
  • Names (hidden for weapons) in the Named and Legendary Items page

  • Make a list of all uploaded icons, their …

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Drathnar Drathnar 2 January 2018

Random musings and a rough to-do list

First off, Happy New Year everyone! :)

Been involved with the wiki for a while (most of my old contributions were in build 0.6) and there have been many changes since then to nearly every aspect of BB (new monsters were added (Lindwurm, Ancient Priest, Ancient Honor Guard, etc), perks were overhauled, ranged mechanics were changed, selling prices were modified, settlement statuses were added, Mood was added, Ambitions was added, Late Game Crises was added, XP for every mob was tweaked, etc). And those are just the ones I know of. Without a manual, it's been quite a challenge to track changes and present the most accurate picture of things. Hidden mechanic modifiers (ie diminishing returns on defense) further complicate the picture.

As such, …

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Cottandy Cottandy 8 November 2017

Just adding some new stuff.

This Wiki is awesome!

I highly recommend everyone who loves "Battle Brothers" to contribute here!

It's fun, great teamwork and not only useful to everyone else, but also for you, even if you're a very experinced player. It helps to understand the game better and you always find something new and interesting here.

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Todeos Todeos 5 November 2017


Test : feeling amazing working on this wiki ;)

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Deathpact Deathpact 17 August 2017

About Blog posts

Hello, i wonder what blog posts are meant for ? Is it kind of like a forum to talk amongst ourselves ?

Or is it only for the organisers of the wiki to broadcast to everyone ?

Where can we discuss beetween ourselves in a forum way ?


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Zensalin Zensalin 20 April 2017

The Battle Brothers Wiki needs you!

The Battle Brothers Wiki is looking for all kinds of Brothers and Sisters!

Everyone can help and everyone's help is appreciated! Your knowledge makes the difference!

I need you to help out on here so all players of Battle Brothers do have a place to go to when wanting quick information about the game and everything in and around it without having to search through loads of discussions or wait for answers in a thread about a topic that has already been created for the millionth time on either of all the forums and thus maybe even get deleted in the end.

Help on whatever page you want, create a new one and/or take a look at the To-do list, if you want more specific info on what needs to be done on the wiki!

The wiki forums are perfect to state desig…

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Sarissofoi Sarissofoi 4 August 2016

Rock falls everyone dies

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Zensalin Zensalin 2 May 2016

Battle Brothers Wikia

A warm welcome you all. Let me give you a short introduction:
As you all know; this wiki is a fanmade wiki and not an official one. As a result, the only way how information gets here, is that fans add their knowledge. Fans of the game, fans like you and me.

Everyone is welcome to add his knowledge!
This wikia already reaches around 600 views a day (as of 1. May 2016)! And that is wonderful!

It means, that the wikia is getting more and more popular. New and also veteran players come here to read about the battle tactics of enemies, something else they want know more about or discover something here they didn't even know existed at all.
]] For example: I'm sure that not everyone knew that there exists a Direwolf Hide Armor. Maybe because you pl…

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