Bowyer Crafts Masterwork Cooldown in Days 999999
Background 29.png Bowyer Your Bowyer wants to attempt to craft a Masterwork Bow.
You can choose:

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  • The Bowyer needs to be level 6 or higher
  • You need to carry at least 2000 Crowns.png and 1 Quality wood.png Quality Wood with you
  • You need to have at least 3 brothers


  • Score = 4 for every Bowyer that meets the requirements

Other notes.png

  • You can get this event only once per campaign because of the high cooldown, no matter if you failed or succeeded in crafting the bow
  • The event asks for 200 Crowns.png without the Beasts & Exploration DLC

Start[edit | edit source]


Failure[edit | edit source]


Success[edit | edit source]

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