Firearms[edit | edit source]

Crossbow and Firearms Mastery perk reduces Reload Handgonne AP cost to 6.


Icon Name AP Fatigue Description
Active 203.png
Fire Handgonne 3 5 +10% chance to hit, -10% chance to hit per tile of distance, chance is unaffected by objects or characters in the line of fire, can hit 5 tiles behind the target, 25% Direct Damage
Active 204.png
Reload Handgonne 9 20 Reloads the Handgonne


Name Worth Damage Ignores Armor Vs. Armor Range Durability Max. Fatigue Skills
Handgonne 01.png
3000 35-75 25% 100% 2 60 -14
Active 203.png
Active 204.png
Ranged Weapons
Throwing Weapons  • Bows  • Crossbows
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