Poisoned effect

Description Edit

A flask of spider poison used by goblins. Can be used to coat your weapons and arrowtips.

Where Can They Be Found? Edit

  • Looted after winning a fight against goblins.

Notes Edit

  • Goblin poison is a consumable. Once used in combat, a new poison item will need to be equipped.
  • Goblin poison can only be used while not engaged in melee.
  • Affects the target only when damage is dealt to HP (must penetrate armor, or target has no armor).
  • Poison effect: -3AP, -3 Vision, -30 Initiative in the turn it is inflicted. Effect gradually fades over 3 turns (-2AP, -2 Vision, -20 Initiative in the next turn and so on). Getting hit again renews the duration of the Poison but does not increase it beyond 3 turns. This is enough AP reduction to cause most enemies to only be able to do 1 action on their turn.