These green little cunts aren't your typical weak low level monster like goblins in another stories. Oh nooooo.

The best and most scientific words for defining these pesky subhuman scums are "annoying little fuckers".

You think that my reactions are overblown?

Wait until you meet them with your greenhorn band of soon be dead losers who thought that a mercenary job is an easy way to earn a living.

The Wolfriders will catch your running like little bitches sukahs and overwhelm them with a massive amount of attacks.

Skirmishers will throw bolas and nets and then stab you in the face with their pikes so your soldiers will bleed to death if they are lucky enough to survive 1 hit.

Ambushers called Ninja Commando Rangers will snipe your meatshields with their 360 no scope skills and when cornered, they will pull a curved knife from their ass and proceed to stab your heavy armored guys to death.

If you think that is enough, you are mistaken. Just wait for Shamans and Overseers to shit your stuff up.

The only way to win is to not fight.

Or bring big shields, heavy armours and attack them at night or field high leveled archers with big shieldwall cover and eat them at their own game.

Remember kids that you can always outgoblin the goblins, but the outgoblins will always goblin you.

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