Event 144.png Icy Cave
Icy cave.png
A cave amidst a sea of snow and rock. A thick gate of icicles keeps your entrance well stayed.

You are able to find the Icy Cave right away, completing the Ijirok 1, 2 and 3 events can lead to there with footprints.

When you enter the cave:

  • "I need you to scout ahead, brother."
    • Your brother with the most Xp received.png will be send to a 1vs1 duel against the Barbarian Madman.
  • "We should leave this place."
    • (nothing happens)

After defeating the Barbarian Madman:

  • "You did well, brother."
    • You gain the broken ritual armor and are now able to find the Hunting Ground legendary location.

Start[edit | edit source]


Path 1[edit | edit source]


After the battle[edit | edit source]

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