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Legendary locations are unique locations scattered over the world. They can be interacted with to get quests, information or items. While less remote locations are usually safe, the ones further away from civilization are more dangerous and can involve challenging battles. The 'Beasts & Exploration' DLC adds several legendary locations.[1]

Ancient watchtower.png Ancient Spire
Ancient watchtower2.png
A thin spire reaching high into the sky. The view from the top must be staggering.
  • "Well, at least we got a lay of the land."
    • The fog of war gets cleared in a large circle around the tower.
Ancient statue.png Ancient Statue
Ancient statue2.png
A huge statue glittering in the sun that towers over the surrounding landscape.
  • "There's no harm in it."
    • "Time to strike gold."
      • "Parry!"
        • "Let's not dwell on this." (all brothers get a large Large mood boost.png mood boost)
Ancient temple.png Ancient Temple
Ancient temple2.png
The sunken and half buried entrance to some sort of temple or mausoleum that sticks out of the ground.
  • "Forget those ruins, we're moving on." (nothing happens)
  • "We'll go in."
    • "Let's do it." (you gain 1 Holy water2.png holy water)
      • "Nevermind his tears, watch his hands!"
      • "From the brink a broken man must be saved."
      • "Chirp. Chirp chirp chirp?"
      • "What?"
        • "Seems dangerous. Let's get out now." (you gain 1 Holy water2.png holy water and the event ends)
        • "Might as well see." (you gain 1 Holy water2.png holy water)
          • "Dust." (you gain 1 Holy water2.png holy water)
          • "Go fark yourself!" (you suffer a Pierced arm muscle.png pierced arm muscles injury and gain 1 Holy water2.png holy water)
          • "Help me kick in that gate, brother!"
            • "Well, fine. You can join us." (the event ends)
            • "No, that's not happening." (the event ends)
Monolith.png Black Monolith
A pitch black monolith towers over the surrounding lands, emitting a baleful aura. No living being dares drawing close to it.

On the first visit:

After the battle:

Golden goose.png Curious Ship Wreck
Golden goose2.png
Atop some trees sits a large wooden structure. As strange as it seems, it looks a lot like a ship.
  • "Let's see what secrets are inside."
    • "Inspect the stump."
    • "Let's get out of here." (nothing happens)
  • "It's not worth investigating now." (nothing happens)
Fountain of youth.png Grotesque Tree
Fountain of youth2.png
A small clearing in the forest centered around a curious, slender tree. Something seems to be off about this tree but it is difficult to make out from afar.
  • "Let's see what this is."
    • "I'll just take a little." (you gain 1 Water skin.png water skin)
    • "I'll drink it all!" (you get nothing and the event ends)
  • "We need to get the hell out of here. Fast." (nothing happens)
Event 142.png Hunting Ground
Hunting ground.png
A lone elk grazes on green meadows, in the shadow of some trees and by a small lake.

The Hunting Ground spawns on a tundra tile, but it cannot be discovered until the Barbarian Madman inside the Icy Cave is defeated.

When you enter the location:

  • "We'll destroy this thing!"
    • The fight against the Ijirok starts.
  • "We need to get out of here! Fast!"
    • (nothing happens)

After defeating the Ijirok:

Event 144.png Icy Cave
Icy cave.png
A cave amidst a sea of snow and rock. A thick gate of icicles keeps your entrance well stayed.

You are able to find the Icy Cave right away, completing the Ijirok 1, 2 and 3 events can lead to there with footprints.

When you enter the cave:

  • "I need you to scout ahead, brother."
    • Your brother with the most Xp received.png will be send to a 1vs1 duel against the Barbarian Madman.
  • "We should leave this place."
    • (nothing happens)

After defeating the Barbarian Madman:

  • "You did well, brother."
    • You gain the broken ritual armor and are now able to find the Hunting Ground legendary location.
Goblin city.png Rul'gazhix
Goblin city2.png
A great goblin city nested into the remains of an ancient fortress. Protected by dark and towering walls, it is host to a standing army of vicious greenskins.

On your first visit:

  • "What's the plan?"
    • "We'll slaughter their scouts and raiding parties."
      • "We'll return after 10 goblin parties have been destroyed."
    • "We'll take on the forward posts."
      • "We'll return after 5 outposts have been razed."
  • "Let's leave for now." (nothing happens)

When you return to the city without task done:

  • "We'll return after X goblin parties have been destroyed."
  • "We'll return after X outposts have been razed.",

When you return to the city:

When you return to the destroyed city:

  • "Who is that?"
    • "That few, huh?" (nothing happens)

You also get a reminder once the task is done:

  • "We should return."
Kraken cult.png Stone Pillars
Kraken cult2.png
Stone circles and pillars with strange markings hint at something eerie looming in this area.

When you first visit this place:

  • "Let's have a look."
  • "We're fine." (nothing happens)

When you bring her the 3 Inventory unhold hide.png Unhold Hides:

  • "So the deal is done then?"

When you bring her the 3 Inventory vampire dust 01.png Shimmering Ashes:

  • "What is going on here?"
  • "I demand to be paid right now."

After the kraken fight:

  • "Alright, show me what's been found." (you gain the Inventory sword blade 01.png Sword Blade)

Other Notes:

  • This location will ask for the number of Inventory unhold hide.png Unhold Hides & Inventory vampire dust 01.png Shimmering Ashes you already had in your inventory + 3 (So it might be wise to use those up first before you visit this place)

Event 173.png Sunken Library
Shimmering in the sun, golden domes peer out of the sand and give away that something larger lies dormant here, sunken and buried under the sand for ages.

On your first visit:

Event 151.png The Ancient City
Once a thriving city, now but ruins covered in ash. A fallen metropolis with many names, it has become an object of cultural and religious pride for north and south alike.
one of three Holy sites in Holy war crisis
Event 154.png The Fallen Star
A great crater in the ground made by a rock that fell from the sky. A mausoleum was built around it a long ago, and to this day people from all corners of the world set out to pilgrimage here.
one of three Holy sites in Holy war crisis
Event 152.png The Oracle
The remains of a temple that once housed an oracle in an age long past. Although ruined now, people still flock to it and have visions of things that will come to pass.
one of three Holy sites in Holy war crisis
Unhold graveyard.png Unhold Graveyard
Unhold graveyard2.png
A wide field littered with gigantic bones and skulls. Some are bleached to white but some are fresh and still have flesh attached to them.
Waterwheel.png Watermill
A small watermill with a stony house at it's side. It looks like someone might be living here.

On the first visit:

  • "This old man ain't stopping me."
    • "We'll have to resolve it ourselves."
  • "What would make me worthy?"
    • "We'll have to resolve it ourselves."

After you have killed the kraken:

Witchhut 2.png Witch Hut
Witchhut 3.png
A skewed and withered hut that looks like it could collapse at any moment. Smoke is rising from an awry chimney.

On the first visit:

After the battle:

  • "Who am I?!"
    • "We're done, then, and I shall take my leave."
    • "You've served your purpose, then. Die, witch!"