The Battle Brothers community spans a good number of forums on the internet and it is nice to have the links all in one place to facilitate searching for information. Listed below are official forums/threads with substantial activity and various popular guides/playing aids.

Links to forums/threads/general discussionEdit

Text guidesEdit

Official BB forums
Steam forums
GoG forums - not much activity
Reddit forums
RPG Codex
Something Awful
Quarter to Three
Tieba.Baidu - forum in Mandarin
Official Twitter

Active online chat groupsEdit

“The Fine Few” on official forums discord
Reddit discord

Links to external guidesEdit

Text guidesEdit

Hieronymous Alloy's Beginners guide
Wizard Styles's detailed analysis of stats, talents and traits for various backgrounds
Kyoko Kirigiri's General guide
Fritz's guide on Builds, Perks, Gear, Formations
Calmnesss13 perk discussion
Dialetheia's discussion thread

消逝_至今's guide for new players (in Mandarin)
Yueguang11's enemy stats (hp, armor, estimated fatigue and approximate initiative) (in Mandarin)

Video guidesEdit

Eyestabber's early game and early mid game guides
Filthy Robot's guides (introduction for new players and comprehensive perk discussion)
Overhype youtube channel

Links to playing aidsEdit

Map seedsEdit

General map seed collection
Abel's map seed reviews

Savedgames editorEdit

9thKingOfLies's BB-Edit

Perk calculatorEdit

EveryCrime's "Battle Brothers Perk Calculator"