I absolutely love this game and i want to sing it !

I believe i am not the only one and i am sure the devs will be happy the day they read the page.

So here is my contribution :

I'm 40 and my Bro is 37. Lately, i have been a tad short on crowns. Been buying to many fancy under-armor to me wife and dat enchanted sword for my son cost me a leg and an arm... Anyway, My brother bought the game and after playing it for a few days he bought one copy for me too... Few weeks later we met for ten days of vacation together. He was working at a restaurant but at night we would play together. We created a new game for the two of us and we ran it together... as Battle Brothers ! It has been a ton of fun, the kind we hadn't have had for a couple decades now back when we played Dungeon Master together. So for this and for a lot more enjoyment i have had with your game, i wish to thank the whole team of Overhype Studio. Thank you guys ! You did an awesome job !

Félix Beaudouin, 17/08/2017 From France

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