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  • Hi Vilain! I am the Fandom Wiki Manager for the Battle Brothers Wiki. I am here to help you and the community out with anything you need. Additionally, I will be the liaison to full-time Fandom staff. Please if you ever have any questions regarding the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc, don't hesitate to ask me, take care!

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  • I think the only other option would look like this:

    Title Trait or Background
    Goodhand Apprentice Apprentice
    Quickmind Apprentice Apprentice, Bright Bright
    the Ailing Ailing2 Ailing
    the Apprentice Apprentice Apprentice
    the Brave Brave Brave, Cocky Cocky
    the Braggart Cocky Cocky
    the Bright Apprentice Apprentice, Bright Bright
    the Bull Brute2 Brute
    the Butcher Bloodthirsty Bloodthirsty
    the Coward Craven Craven
    the Craven Craven Craven
    the Cruel Bloodthirsty Bloodthirsty
    the Fox Bright Bright
    the Hammer Brute2 Brute
    the Hero Brave Brave
    the Kid Apprentice Apprentice
    the Learner Apprentice Apprentice
    the Mad Bloodthirsty Bloodthirsty
    the Ox Brute2 Brute
    the Pale Ailing2 Ailing
    the Quick Bright Bright
    the Sickly Ailing2 Ailing
    the Spineless Craven Craven
    the Student Apprentice Apprentice
    the Understudy Apprentice Apprentice
    the Wise Bright Bright
    the Young Apprentice Apprentice
    Turncoat Craven Craven

    Making another column for backgrounds wouldnt help if a title has lets say 2 traits and 1 background. In this example we would also lose the ability to sort the right side.

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  • Could you please delete the Dead Merchant Forest Page? I messed up and it is no longer needed.

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    • I removed the picture instead so we don't have to create the page again if we get the good pictures for it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I want to start changing the event-part of the background page aswell soon

    first off: the "hints" column should probably be named "events" instead

    I would list the events this way:

    Background Stats Initial Upkeep Starting Level Events
    Background 40
    +10% Experience gain 9 - can learn from a retired soldier or sellsword (Apprentice Learns)

    - can help in (Kid Blacksmith)

    - can gain an apprentice brother in (Master No Use Apprentice)

    Id also consider to add anchors to each event on our event page and send people there from the background event link so that they simply get to the exact spot

    Your thoughts?

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    • Hey, Eriktion! Good idea!

      I left the anchors I added first to the Events page so you can link to them using this format:

      The anchors are named after the event (file name) with underscores (_). For instance: caravan_guard_vs_raider. I only added them for events that require more than 1 Background so you may have to add some. The table looks good. You may want to work on the format, like text alignment, wrapping, lists and so on.

      Background Stats Initial Upkeep Starting Level Events
      ApprenticeBackground 40 +10% Experience gain 9
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I wanted to rename this page to "greenskins trapped goblin" from the game files - but appearently I dont know how and it just creates redirect pages.

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    • Yeah true - then its more likely that the hermit one is greenskins pet goblin and the bear trap one is greenskins trapped goblin and we dont know yet about the other one

      Sorry just trying to make sense of all this

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    • Sure, no problem! We need to discuss that sort of things :) ! I think investingation is like intro or outro, flavor events with nothing special happening.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Vilain, I went ahead and made a quick edit to show one way we could add the ingredient names to the recipes in Crafting. I only modified the Accessories section.

    I also investigated making a link to the corresponding item in the Trophies page, but because that table has no html IDs in it, there's not a great way. If we make actual pages for each item (or maybe beast?), then we could do it... but until then I've just removed the link on the ingredient's image, so people aren't tempted to click them (and just get a link to the image itself, which no one really wants).

    Take a look and let me know what you think.

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    • Done!

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    • Ok, good work! I must admit I'm not too comfortable with the new size of the table but at least it's exhaustive. I just saw that the game was using 'components' instead of 'ingredients' as a name :) ! But they're synonyms so I'm fine with keeping the latter.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • What would you think of renaming the events and using the official names of the events from the game files? (some of them already have that) 

    There are many names that are just made up right now. It would also be easier to see one day if we have achieved a complete event list by comparing it to the game files.

    Any thoughts? 

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    • We probably need another category for events with requirements that arent traits or backgrounds. Otherwise I cant get rid off all the unallowcated events. 

      I also question how badly does the player need to know that a certain event can only trigger inside a town or on the road. I dont believe that this information changes the way the player plays or approaches those events. For all I know those are just more "random events" like the others.

      How should I move on from here?

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    • Another section, you mean? Sure! Some events seem to have no particular condition for triggering. Do you have any ideas on how to name the new section?

      Yes, some events clearly trigger near Settlements. When Wildmen make a mess in a town for example. In this case and in others, it's quite obvious. In some it's not and we do not necessarily know for certain that terrain or location matter. In that case, it may be wise to remove assumptions unless they're presented as such (hypothesis). Since you've been working on the page and the wording, I'll let you be the judge of that!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you know how to extract images from the game files to use here? I see there's a few .dat files in the game folder, but I don't know which extractor program to use (or even if that's where the images are).

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  • Hi, 

    Zensalin1 give me your link. Maybe I can help with some new stuff and informations. Can u give me steam invite?

    Steam Account:

    Battle Brother Modding Guide + 'Beasts & Exploration' section inclusive crafting etc.:


    1* Jagged Fangs (Nachzehrer)

    Apothecary's Miracle

    1* Unhold's Heart (Unhold), 1* Mysterious Herbs (Hexe)

    Cat Potion

    1* Adrenaline Gland (Direwolf), 1* Parched Skin (Alp)

    Happy Powder

    1* Shimmering Ashes (Undead Geist, Necro, Vampir), 1* Parched Skin (Alp)

    Lionheart Potion

    1* Jagged Fangs (Nachzehrer), 1* Poison Gland (Webknecht), 1* Parched Skin (Alp)

    Night Owl Elixir

    1* Third Eye (Alp), 1* Witch Hair (Hexe)

    Poisoned Oil

    2* Poison Gland (Webknecht)

    Protective Runes and Sigils

    1* Shimmering Ashes (Undead Geist, Necro, Vampir), 1* Parched Skin (Alp), 1* Witch Hair (Hexe)

    Iron Will Potion

    1* Adrenaline Gland (Direwolf), 1* Nachzehrer Brain (Nachzehrer)

    Second Wind Potion

    1* Adrenaline Gland (Direwolf), 1* Mysterious Herbs (Hexe)


    Paint Set (Company's Colors)

    1* Black Paint, 1* White, Green and Yellow, 1* Orange and Red

    Black Paint

    1* Petrified Scream (Alp)

    Orange and Red

    1* Unhold's Heart (Unhold)

    White and Blue Paint

    1* Nachzehrer Horn (Nachzehrer), 1* Adrenaline Gland (Direwolf)

    White, Green and Yellow

    1* Nachzehrer Horn (Nachzehrer), 1* Poison Gland (Webknecht)


    Bone Platings

    3* Giant Skull & Bones (Unhold)

    Direwolf Pelt Mantle

    3* Unusually Large Wolf Pelt (Direwolf)

    Wardog Armor

    1* Unusually Large Wolf Pelt (Direwolf)

    Heavy Wardog Armor

    1* Unhold Hide (Unhold)


    Large Quiver of Arrows

    1* Unhold Hide (Unhold)

    Large Quiver of Bolts

    1* Unhold Hide (Unhold)

    Reinforced Throwing Net

    1* Throwing Net, 1* Gossamer (Webknecht)

    Living Tree Shield

    1* Ancient Wood (Schrat), 1* Glowing Resin (Schrat)


    Nachzehrer Trophy Necklace

    2* Jagged Fangs (Nachzehrer), 2* Nachzehrer Horn (Nachzehrer)

    Alp Trophy Necklace

    1* Parched Skin (Alp), 1* Third Eye (Alp), 1* Petrified Scream (Alp)

    Hexen Trophy Necklace

    1* Witch Hair (Hexe), 1* Poisoned Apple (Hexe), 1* Mysterious Herbs (Hexe)

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    • Hey! I'm really sorry, I didn't see your message!

      Thanks for all this data! I see that some contributors have already use the information to create new pages :) !

      Your guide is great! Now, we have a save editor to simplify the process of editing save files but I used your guide extensively in the past!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I've had a orc camp that was Dangerous to attack, 30 ish orcs with a plethora of orc warriors. Never wanted to aventure myself to kill it to prevent some looses. But then a tavern says that there's the most expensive armour ever there, so i ask myself why not. But suddenly the population had dropped, it was 20 ish orcs, way less warriors. So the population is linked to patrols they send or is linked to the tavern rumours ?

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    • Garrisons weakening because of sent patrols is a new feature of the upcoming DLC. So, I don't really know what happened there :) ! It may be that the rumor had an effect but it's difficult to say. Anyway, I don't think it's worth bothering with that now since the behavior is likely to change with the update. But we should keep an eye out for that kind of weird things :) ! Thanks for sharing, Raphoux!

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    • Also one thing, i noticed that orcs do more damage base than an human would do with an orc weapon which relate pretty much (again) to the huge trait for example where you gain damage but loose stats. It goes with the description of orcs. I noticed that because i've a 2 handed axe wich has almost the same damage output as a orc 2 hander axe. But i never did what orc warlords seem to do with such weapons, or berserker. But then again, traits are difficult to determined from ennemies, orcs could have the athletic trait for example.

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    • Hum... You may be right. I didn't pay attention. Though for Berserkers it is normal when they're under Rage (Mushrooms).

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    • I tested it with an orc warlord. he could one shot a 215/240 armoured 64 HP guy, with battelforged and all. And i'm far from that feat.

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    • A FANDOM user
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