Modding is the process of modifying files to change the gameplay.

The mod kit[edit | edit source]

Battle Brothers doesn't have official modding tools. Rather, modders use Adam Milazzo's mod kit to decrypt and decompile the game scripts.

Accessing the files[edit | edit source]

This is a step-by-step tutorial for Windows.

  1. Extract the contents of the game 'data_001' archive with a file archiver like 7zip
  2. Download and extract the kit
  3. Open a command prompt (type 'run' in the Windows search bar and enter), then type 'cmd'
  4. Go to the kit bin directory by typing 'cd .../bbros/bin', where '...' is a path to the directory where you extracted the kit (use 'cd /d' instead of just 'cd' if the kit is located on another drive than the current one)
  5. Type in 'massdecompile.bat .../data_001/scripts' where '...' is a path to the directory where you extracted 'data_001'

The scripts are now decompiled and can be opened, read and edited with a text editor. Notepad++ can add the 'data_001' folder as a workspace which comes handy for navigation and folder wide searches.

Adding new asset[edit | edit source]

The mod kit includes bbrusher, a program that can pack images into sprite sheets and create brushes. This is a step-by-step tutorial using the More Named Weapons mod as an example.

  1. Access the bin folder of the mod kit following the guidelines of the Accessing the files section
  2. Optionally, unpack the game assets with this command: bbrusher unpack brush, where 'brush' is the full path (including the directory) to a brush ending with the brush name, for example: entity_icons.brush (weapons). The brush sprite sheet (for example, entity_icons.png) must be present somewhere in the parent folder (preferably use the data_001 structure to avoid any issues).
  3. Create the assets
    Named crypt cleaver 01 70x70.pngNamed crypt cleaver 01 70x140.png
    1. from scratch
    2. from the game assets
  4. Create inventory icons (north east orientation)
    1. A 70 x 70 (pixels) stash icon
    2. A large 70 x 140 (pixels) character window icon
  5. Create icons for the tactical (combat) screen
    Icon named crypt cleaver 01.pngIcon named crypt cleaver 01 bloodied.png

    Orientation is north west for two-handed weapons, north east for one-handed weapons. Image size should stay close to the size of similar base game weapons (see 2. to unpack sprites).

    1. A normal version
    2. A bloodied version
  6. Create a metadata.xml file for the brush (example)
    1. Add brush tags, specifying a name and version 17 (this number could change with updates)
      <brush name="gfx/entity_icons_abel.png" version="17">...</brush>
    2. Insert sprites inside the brush tags (replace the '...')
      <sprite id="icon_named_crypt_cleaver_01" offsetY="35" ic="FF374554" width="130" height="142" img="icons/icon_named_crypt_cleaver_01.png" left="-65" right="13" top="-56" bottom="54" />
      <sprite id="icon_named_crypt_cleaver_01_bloodied" offsetY="35" ic="FF29344E" width="130" height="142" img="icons/icon_named_crypt_cleaver_01_bloodied.png" left="-65" right="13" top="-56" bottom="54" />
      • 'id' is the unique identifier used to refer to the icon
      • 'ic' has no know application; it could refer to a color; use a similar weapon ic
      • 'img' is the icon path inside the folder where metadata.xml is located
      • 'offsetY' is an offset on the Y (vertical) axis; modifying it will change the asset elevation
      • 'left', 'right', 'top', 'bottom' are relative positions; use a similar weapon position; the intervals must equal the image size (in pixels) otherwise bbrusher will return an error
  7. Create the brush with this command: bbrusher pack brush directory, where 'brush' is the name of a brush, for example: entity_icons_abel.brush and 'directory' the folder path to where metadata.xml is stored
  8. Add the generated sprite sheet to 'preload/on_running.txt' gfx/entity_icons_abel.png
  9. Create a new file for the asset if required, using a similar file as a template and input the new values
    • file object name this.named_crypt_cleaver
    • ID "weapon.named_crypt_cleaver"
    • Name "Named Crypt Cleaver"
    • IconLarge (full path to file) "weapons/melee/named_crypt_cleaver_01_70x140.png"
    • Icon (full path to file) "weapons/melee/named_crypt_cleaver_01_70x70.png"
    • ArmamentIcon (unbloodied version id) "icon_named_crypt_cleaver_01"
    • and other variables if necessary
  10. Assign the asset to an entity if necessary

    For example, modify the assignRandomEquipment() function inside 'scripts/entity/tactical/enemies/skeleton_heavy.nut' by inserting this line: this.m.Items.equip("scripts/items/weapons/named/named_crypt_cleaver")); so that Ancient Legionaries will show with the new weapon.

  11. Move everything in its correct location (inside the Battle Brothers data folder)

    Optionally, an archive can regroup all files and folders.

    • Brushes in the 'brushes' folder
    • Sprite sheets in the 'gfx' folder
    • Melee weapon inventory icons in the 'gfx/ui/items/weapons/melee' folder
    • Named weapon files in the 'scripts/items/weapons/named' folder
    • Enemy files in the 'scripts/entity/tactical/enemies' folder
    • And so on for other files, respecting the base folder structure and file location
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