Mood Edit

Moods affect starting morale of men in combat and are influenced by various events. The common positive ones being winning battles, gaining confidence in leadership (completed an ambition) and the common negative ones being lost a brother in battle, dismissed men without compensation. Every day, in the absence of other factors/events, mood slowly trends towards 50% or Content.

Types of Moods (To Be Edited - Values need to be checked) Edit

Euphoric (86% to 100%) Edit

  • Recent events have left this character in a state of euphoria, happy to spend his time in the service of the company and sure of victory against any foe. Its bordering on the annoying really.
  • Has a 75% chance of starting at confident morale

Eager (73% to 85%) Edit

  • Recent events have left this character eager to fight with the company, pleased with how things are going and motivating to those around him.
  • Has a 50% chance of starting at confident morale

In Good Spirits (58% to 72%) Edit

  • Recent events have left this character in good spirit. It will probably pass as reality takes a grip again, but for now, things are looking well
  • Has a 25% chance of starting at confident morale

Content (43% to 57%) Edit

  • The character is content with how things are going. Could be better, could be worse.
  • Mood will always trend to this state over time.

Dissatisfied (31% to 42%) Edit

  • Not uncommon for someone living the hardships of mercenary life, this character isn't quite satisfied and is hoping for things to improve
  • Can only have steady morale or worse

Disgruntled (16% to 30%) Edit

  • Recent events have left his character disgruntled and disappointed how things are going. It may fade, or it may get a lot worse if other events tip him over the edge.
  • Can only have wavering morale or worse

Angry (0% to 15%) Edit

  • Recent events have left this character angry and vengeful towards around him. If things don't improve very quickly, this character may decide to desert the company.
  • Can only have breaking morale or worse

Effects Edit

Positive Effects to Mood Edit

  • Joined a mercenary company
  • Got drunk with the company
  • Won a battle
  • Gained confidence in your leadership
  • Got a raise (Greedy trait or not)
  • Dismiss a lvl 12+ character
  • On the road event (whores, succubus, priest, singing troop, helped civilians etc.)
  • Enjoyed its visit in a friendly settlement
  • To be added..

Negative Effects to Mood Edit

  • Dismissed a character (Usually without compensation)
  • Dismissed one of the founding members.
  • Lost a battle
  • Got whipped
  • One of your characters died (Eg: Erik the Vagabond died in battle)
  • One of your characters was injured in battle
  • Did go hungry
  • Didn't got a raise (Greedy trait)
  • On the road event (killed innocents trying helping them)
  • Bad omens (Craven)
  • Mountain pass (injured + bad mood impact)
  • Felt useless in reserve
  • To be added..