With the latest update, necromancers are no longer jolly old fellows but evil custodian of souls who can not only reanimate the dead 2 at a time, but "posses" the dead to give them more action points,allowing them to quickly close the distance and attack at a maximum of three times. They can be found in necromancer's lairs, "Recover Stolen Item" quests, or in abandoned holy sites. Since there are no hard counters to their magic, it is advised to kill him first and not his cohorts by sending a lone wolf to the enemy backline, or by having a bowman snipe his head off. Only once Necromancers are engaged should you consider starting to kill the others. With a necromancer on the field, consider using less exhausting actions, as it quickly becomes an endurance match if you cannot kill three opponents every turn.

These men in black are known to drop dark cowls, witch hunter's hats, dark rugged surcoats, and dark padded cloaks, as well as whatever low-mid tier weapons they might be carrying.