After battle screen, showing a brother who gained the "Partly Collapsed Lung" permanent injury.

A character "gains" a permanent injury when he gets knocked down to 0 hitpoints in battle, but in the end survives. If a character can survive the battle, it will show that they are "struck down" instead of "killed" in the battle log at the top left corner of the battle screen and is also seen after the battle is over by their character panel being surrounded by a blood red border with a description of the new permanent injury. 

A struck down character doesn't survive if you retreat from the battle rather than winning it.

Units with "Survivor" trait currently have a 90% chance of surviving when they are reduced to 0 hitpoints unless they are killed by a fatality or you retreat from a battle they got struck down in.  It has also been reported that accumulating every single permanent injury prevents all units, even Survivors, from coming back the next time. However, there have been reports of soldiers having up to three or four permanent injuries.

Units without the "Survivor" trait only have a small chance of being "struck down" rather than "killed".  Note: Struck down characters cannot be eaten by nachzehrers etc. or animated by necromancers.

It is currently not possible to remove a permanent injury once received. Whether there will eventually be an extremely rare potion or event to cure one permanent injury is up for discussion and not known at this time.

Injury Description Effect
Broken Elbow Joint
Broken Elbow Joint
A broken elbow that never fully healed hinders all movement of the arm and severely reduces combat effectiveness. -20% Melee Skill
-20% Ranged Skill
-30% Melee Defense
Broken Knee
Broken Knee
This character took something to the knee, and it never fully healed. Lunging forward or dodging can be painful, and it lacks any grace. -40% Melee Defense
-40% Ranged Defense
-40% Initiative
Maimed Foot
Maimed foot
An injury to the foot has never really healed, making it hard to win any dancing competitions or otherwise move around quickly. 1 Additional Action Point per tile moved
-20% Initiative
Missing Eye
Missing eye
A missing eye makes it difficult to judge distance properly, and limits the field of view. -50% Ranged Skill
-2 Vision
Missing Finger
Missing Finger
A missing finger makes it harder to firmly grab a weapon or shield, but it also makes for a good story. -5% Melee Skill
-5% Ranged Skill
Missing Nose
Missing Nose
A gaping hole is all that is left of the nose, making this character hard to look at. -10% Max. Fatigue
Partly Collapsed Lung
Injury permanent icon 05
A part of the lung has died, making it very hard for this character to catch breath. -40% Max. Fatigue
Injury permanent icon 13
This character has been to the other side. Faced with his own mortality, the experience of dying and coming back has left him a broken man. -40% Resolve
-30% Initiative
Weakened Heart
Injury permanent icon 14
Past injuries left this character with a weakened heart, severely lowering his constitution. -30% Hitpoints
Missing Ear
Injury permanent icon 01
Luckily, a missing ear isn't that much of a hindrance for this character. But it does look gross. -10% Initiative
Brain Damage
Injury permanent icon 12
A hard hit to the head shook some things up and didn't exactly benefit this character's cognitive skills. On the bright side, he may now be just too stupid to realize when it's time to run. +15% Resolve
-25% XP Gain
-25% Initiative
Injury permanent icon 07
?  ?
Injury permanent icon 09
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Injury permanent icon 10
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