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Retirement is a late development feature which introduces an optional form of closure to the campaign. Five different endings as well as a score reflect how far the company progressed into the campaign and how successful it was.[1]


Ending Requirements
Lessons Learned Game lost or no brothers left
Early Retirement Retire before completing the 'Make Nobles Aware' Ambition
Bitter End Renown ≥ 1,100 and completed the 'Make Nobles Aware' ambition (two epilogue variants)
Leaving a Mark One late game crisis ended (different epilogue for each)
Leaving a Legacy Renown ≥ 6,000 and two late game crises ended

In the first three endings, the company is destroyed and in the last two endings, the company carries on after the captain has left. In addition, Early Retirement and Bitter End has your surviving brothers having a depressing ending as they either die or fall into poverty while Leaving a Mark/Legacy ensures the surviving brothers have a promising future after they leave the company.


The score is a function of:

  1. Items: + value × 0.002 per item, in addition to:
    1. Named items: + 25 per item
    2. Legendary items: + 100 per item
  2. Renown: + (renown − 100) × 0.25
  3. Late game crises: × 1.25 number of crises ended
  4. Days: ÷ number of days elapsed

It is then multiplied by 10.