Here you can see a list of the buildings which can appear in a settlement.

Marketplace[edit | edit source]

The Market square. Buy all sorts of things including tools, medicine, food, weapons and armor. Weapons and armor below full durability are sold here as well (at reduced prices, proportional to remaining durability). Barring caravans and special settlement situations, the selection of market items usually refreshes every 3 days. Completing some contracts refreshes the assortment as well.

Building 06 b.png
Northern variant
Market southern.png
Southern variant

Tavern[edit | edit source]

The Tavern. Buy drinks to your soldiers to boost their morale. But beware getting them drunk, because that can get them easily killed in a battle - in addition to suffering a hangover effect afterwards. Prices scale proportionally depending on the number of men, and are influenced by settlement situations and relations. Also, you can get tavern rumors here. Paying drinks for patrons can be repeated 4 times a visit for new rumors.
Building 02.png

Barber[edit | edit source]

Cuts hair and beard. Here you can change the appearance of your brothers.
Building 12.png

Kennel[edit | edit source]

Dogs in all variety. Want to adopt a nice puppy? Not here. Only bloodthirsty and savage battle dogs that chew goblins for breakfast.
Building 10.png

Fletcher[edit | edit source]

Produces all sorts of ranged weapons: bows, crossbows, javelins, throwing axes. Also offers a variety of ammunition and quivers. Price modifiers for items here are about 25% higher than the corresponding settlement Market.
Building 11.png

Weaponsmith[edit | edit source]

Offers weapons of high quality at full durability. Sometimes unique ones, which will then have a special name. Not cheap. Price modifiers for items here are about 25% higher than the corresponding settlement Market. Can instantly repair items (Hold Alt and click an item), without using the party's tool supply, but at a costly price (heavily depends on the item's worth value).

Building 04.png
Weaponsmith southern.png
Northern variant Southern variant

Armorer[edit | edit source]

Offer high quality armor and a variety of shield types at full durability. Not cheap. Typical prices here are about 25% higher than a similar item in the Market. Can instantly repair items (Hold Alt and click an item), without using the party's tool supply, but at a costly price (heavily depends on the item's worth value).

Building 01.png
Armorer southern.png
Northern variant Southern variant

Temple[edit | edit source]

Priests apply fresh bandages and pray for your wounded brothers to speed up their healing time for injuries, for a price of course. (Healing time reduced after paying, i.e.: 2-4 days to 1-2 days, 1-3 days to 1 day)

Building 03.png
Temple southern.png
Northern variant Southern variant

Training Hall[edit | edit source]

Veterans here help train your mercenaries in exchange for money, giving them a boost in experience gain over a few battles. Training price is mainly influenced by level of the trainee, increasing proportionally with added levels (e.g. Veteran's Lessons costs 253G for a L1 recruit and 1106G for a L10 fighter).

XP bonus Buff duration
Sparring Fight 50% Next battle
Veteran's Lessons 35% Next 3 battles
Rigorous Schooling 20% Next 5 battles

Building 07.png

Recruits[edit | edit source]

This is where you hire men who have decided to work as mercenaries. Is it because they lost their home, family or something else. You can offer them the opportunity to travel to far away places, to meet new people and other "things".

Crowd 03.png
Crowd southern.png
Northern variant Southern variant

Harbor[edit | edit source]

From the docks here, you can instantly travel to the ports of other settlements. Not for free of course. There is a base price for each port (determined by distance), which is multiplied by the number of men in the party (and likely truncated to nearest 10) to give the final price. Prices of a few hundred crowns are typical.
Building 09.png

Taxidermist[edit | edit source]

Taxidermist allows the player to craft new items out of trophies.

Building 13 b.png
Taxidermist southern.png
Northern variant Southern variant

Arena[edit | edit source]

Arena fights is a deadly entertainment for the masses, and while some southerners fight for the prestige and cheer of the crowd, others do so unwillingly. Once a battle starts and you won’t be able to retreat.


Arena battles are fought on a smaller map than regularly, and you’re limited to fight with just three men of your choice against various opponents. You’ll know exactly which and how many opponents you’re about to face. And if the upcoming arena match is not to your liking, you can simply wait until the next day and the next arena match.

Every fifth arena match is a special one; you’ll face harder opposition than usual. If you manage to win, you will earn a piece of rare gladiator equipment not otherwise available in the game.

Hiring a Surgeon for your retinue of non-combat followers may be a good investment to ensure that your men survive after a lost battle to entertain the crowd for another day.

Alchemist[edit | edit source]

Alchemy is an important part of the medieval ages' science, and rulers of the magnificent city states have always been patrons of it.


The alchemist is always ready to offer a variety of exotic and dangerous alchemical contraptions at a reasonable price.

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