These are civilian Settlements, from smallest to largest. As with Fortifications, size has an influence on prices. Weapons and Armors are usually lower in quality[1] as Towns tend to focus on Trade.

Townhall 01
Townhall 02
Townhall 03
Small Village Medium Village City

Small VillageEdit

No military Buildings but Specialized Shops besides Kennel can be found.

Medium VillageEdit

Possible military Buildings:

  • Wooden Watchtower


Possible military Buildings:

  • Wooden Watchtower
  • Militia Barracks


These are military Settlements, from smallest to largest. As with Towns, size has an influence on prices. They are more likely to offer high grade Weapons and Armors[1] in Specialized Shops[2] as well as experienced recruits[3]. They house stronger regiments.

Stronghold 01
Stronghold 02
Stronghold 03
Wooden Keep Stone Keep Citadel

Wooden KeepEdit

  • Wooden Watchtower
  • Kennel is more likely[2]

Stone KeepEdit

  • Stone Watchtower
  • Metalworking Buildings are more common
  • Kennel can appear


  • Stone Watchtower
  • Metalworking Buildings are more common
  • Militia Barracks and Barracks can appear
  • Hedge Knights can only be found here

Attached LocationsEdit

Attached locations are small specialized locations outside a settlement that influence heavily the available goods, services and recruitment options of that settlement.[4]

Attached Locations produce goods sold in the Settlement at a cheaper price. Some of them also attracts certain Backgrounds. Attached Locations as well as other elements of the Worldmap are randomly generated. As a result some of them may not appear on a given map.


House militia or soldiers. More Militia appears for recruitment.


Mil 01
Mil 02
Wooden Watchtower Stone Watchtower


Mil 04
Mil 03
Militia Barracks Barracks


Specialized ShopsEdit

Ind 03
Ind 01
Blast Furnace Ore Smelters
The Armorer will produce heavy Armors The Weaponsmith will produce high grade Weapons


Surface Iron Vein
Ind 02
Surface Iron Vein Leather Tanner
Increases the selection of Weapons available Increases the availability of Light Armors



Fishing Cabin
Beekeeper Brewery Fishing Huts
Produces Mead Produces Beer Produces Fish and Throwing Nets
Attracts Fishermen
Gatherer Hut
Goat Pens
Hunters Cabin
Gatherer's Hut Goat Pens Hunter's Cabin
Produces Roots and Berries Produces Cheese Produces Cured Venison
Attracts Hunters
Mushroom Grove
Pig Farm
Mushroom Grove Orchard Pig Farm
Produces Mushrooms Produces Dried Fruits Produces Smoked Ham
Wheat Field
Wheat Fields Winery
Produces Ground Grains and Bread
Attracts Farmhands and Daytalers
Produces Wine


Ind 04
Arrow Maker Shed
Herbalist Grove
Workshop Arrow Maker's Shed Herbalist's Grove
Produces Tools Produces Ammunition Produces Medical Supplies


Econ 01
Dye Maker
Gem Mine
Amber Collector Dye Maker Gem Mine
Produces Amber Produces Dyes Produces Gems
Lumber Camp
Peat Pit
Salt Mine
Lumber Camp Peat Pit Salt Mine
Produces Quality Wood
Attracts Lumberjacks
Produces Peat Bricks Produces Salt
Surface Cooper Vein
Wool Spinner
Surface Copper Vein Trapper Wool Spinner
Produces Copper Ingots Produces Furs Produces Cloth Rolls