Spooky Forest Beasts & Exploration DLC Beasts & Exploration DLC Cooldown in Days 100
A brother alerts you to some noise coming from the treetops. You can choose:

Dialog tree.png

  • "It's just some animal. Get back to doing your jobs."
    • 25% of your men get a Bad mood.png bad mood
  • "Better safe than sorry. We'll cut down the tree."
    • 50% chance: 20% of your men suffer Days wounded.png light wounds
    • 50% chance: A fight against Schrat 01 orientation.png Schrats starts (You will be surrounded)
  • "Background 04.png Lumberjack, you know well how to bring down trees. Do it."
  • "Brave.png Brave / Fearless.png Fearless brother, you're the bravest of the lot. Go see what this is about."


  • It has to be night-time
  • You have to be in (green) forest terrain
  • The next settlement has to be at least 16 tiles away


  • Score = 10

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