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Each time you visit the Tavern you get 1 free rumor. You can buy drinks for the patrons to get up to 4 more rumors. Paying for 1 rumor costs 20 Crowns.png x buying price multiplicator of the settlement and you gain +0,1 Relations with the settlement.

The Minstrel follower makes Tavern Rumors more likely to contain useful information.

20% chance: You get 1 Contract Rumor if available else B

20% chance: You get 1 Location Rumor if available else B

20% chance: You get 1 Named Item Rumor if available else B

40% chance: You get 1 Rumor from B

B: You get 1 General Rumor, Military Rumor, Civilian Rumor or Settlement Rumor

Named Item Rumors[]

The rumors will just reveal the location of a named item. They aren't creating new ones. The map has a size of 140x140. The rumor can reveal named item locations with a range of up to 30 from the settlement.

Named Item - Orc Rumors
Weapon Shield Body Armor or Helmet

A caravan transporting some valuable ceremonial weapon has been raided direction of here. Rumor is the victims had every single bone broken, and a terrible stench hangs in the air.

A patron recently spoke of some weapon called the named item he wanted to sell. Said he got spooked by some greenskinned beasts on his way to town and abandoned it terrain direction from here.

A traveler told me the other day that he saw the biggest man alive wielding what he called named item with his own eyes. Sounds like hogwash to me, but if you're interested the guy left here towards the direction.

Big cocked adventurer with a pretty face came by here a few nights ago. He headed direction of here looking to slay some greenskins. Wore a fancy shield on his back, looked like some type o' knight, but told me he wasn't.

They say that some famous shield, I forgot what it was called, once stopped a boulder from rolling down a hill and crushing a camp. Sounds like shite to me. Not that we'll ever find out if it's true that it's an orc war trophy now, hidden somewhere distance to the direction of here.

Don't take my word for it, but supposedly some big green oafs direction of here are toting around with an incredible shield simply called named item. How they might've gotten it is beyond me.

Some nobleman's manor got raided by greenskins a few days ago. They made off with some famous shield or relic. Supposedly those greenskinned bastards are holed up somewhere direction of here.

Familiar with orcs? Massive beasts and strong as oxen! A mercenary band that called themselves mercenary company came through and headed direction to hunt them down some weeks ago. They never returned, but their leader wore the most impressive armor I've ever seen in my life!

Oh, have you heard of named item? It's said to have been stolen ages ago during the last orc invasion. There were sightings of it reported direction of here, but me, I don't know any details. I didn't mean to get your hopes up about it.

Some famed armorsmith got slain a few days ago. Rumor has it orcs ransacked his place and ran off with his masterpiece to somewhere direction from here. Maybe someone else can tell you more.

Word has it random noble got forever put to sleep by a band of greenskins direction of here. He was well known for abusing all his servants so you won't find anyone crying for him 'round here. Just a shame for the mastercrafted armor he used to boast, that one could buy us a lot of pigs and cows. And chickens!

Named Item - Goblin Rumors
Weapon Shield Body Armor or Helmet

A really pissed-off nobleman told me the other day that some stunty greenskins made off with his family heirloom after poisoning his trusted guard dogs. He swears they hid terrain somewhere distance from here, but I don't think he ever convinced anyone to retrieve it for him. Certainly not me.

Afraid of greenskins? Some real beaten up soldiers passed down through here the other day. Said they wanted to wrestle a well-known weapon from goblins direction of here, but it sure looked like it didn't go down as planned and they had to pull back. Guess their prize is still up for the taking.

A farmer from up direction told me he saw some small, sinister creatures on his land carrying a large, shiny shield and making devilish noises. He says it was goblins, but I say he got pranked by some youngsters!

They found the best shieldmaker in the whole region dead with a dart sticking out of his neck direction of here. People said they saw little creatures running off with half his wares.

Somewhere direction of here be some goblins. The only reason I know it is because every swinging dick that comes this way talks about how they just barely got away with their life. One even claims he lost his mastercrafted shield when legging it.

Word has it that some overpriced and overvalued piece of armor was stolen from the guardhouse by some small devil creatures that hauled it to the direction. random name said it must've been goblins, but no one here really knows what they look like.

It's said that kobolds and goblins take a special interest in everything shiny. I never believed this to be true myself, but I repeatedly saw something glissening in the sun terrain direction from here and heard strange stories about short and stubby creatures roaming that area.

You may be interested to learn that our old herbalist outside of town got robbed last night just as a wealthy knight payed him a visit. The assailants, he claims it was small creatures looking like deformed kids, killed the knight and made off to terrain in the direction.

Named Item - Brigand Rumors
Weapon Shield Body Armor or Helmet

Word has it that a bunch of ne'er do wells direction from here got their hands on something real fancy and sharp through a brash heist.

Buncha lowlifes tried raiding a caravan terrain distance from here. They all got slain, but rumor has it that some valuable weapon went missing during the fight. The caravan guards have been searching for it frantically since.

A bewildered patron told me he was held prisoner by some rogues terrain distance from here. Said they had something real pretty with them. Some sort of curious looking weapon.

The captain of the guard deserted a while ago to join a raider camp hidden terrain to the direction. My uncle, who served under him, claims he raided the armory before leaving and grabbed a real prize.

The captain of the guard deserted a while ago to join a raider camp hidden terrain to the direction. My uncle, who served under him, claims he raided the armory before leaving and grabbed a real prize.

I hear the famous shield named item has been sighted. random name claims that it belongs to a band of hard boiled raiders camping out direction of here. But then, random name talks lots about things he knows nothing about.

All anyone talks 'bout 'round these parts are damned raiders. 'Suppose they're the toast of Rumorville 'cause they gots their hands on the named item or some such thing now. Where at? Oh, somewhere terrain.

A friend of a friend got robbed direction from here by a group of outlaws the other day. He claims the leader donned the most astonishing armor!

The captain of the guard deserted a while ago to join a raider camp hidden terrain to the direction. My uncle, who served under him, claims he raided the armory before leaving and grabbed a real prize.

A brash young man came through just the other day, nobility methinks, looking for an old family heirloom called named item. Last I saw, he was heading direction of here.

Named Item - Barbarian Rumors
Weapon Shield Body Armor or Helmet

Nothing is holy to those barbarian brutes! A completely naked priest stumbled in here from direction. He was on the way to bring a revered relic to the temple but they took it from him.

A mercenary company came by here hunting barbarians. The leader wielded a weapon unlike anything I ever saw before. They turned direction and were never to be seen again.

When you head out terrain direction, keep your eyes peeled for a group of fierce wild men. They may lead you to their stash where a famed stolen weapon is said to be found.

Hark! A tribe of uncultured barbarians has been seen direction of here with a shield called named item in their dirty hands! Slay them and get it back!

A friend of a friend spotted some wildmen in the distance direction of here. He swears they carried a finely crafted shield. I call horseshit, as everbody knows they do not use shields like we do!

Only a good defense allows for a strong offense they say. Rumors has it, a band of barbarians distance to the direction are in the possession of a famed shield...

I used to be trading with some of the not-so-wild barbarians direction of here. When I last visited them there was a magnificent shield hanging in one of their huts. They might still be hanging out there terrain.

You look like you could use some better armor, my friend. If you are not scared of taking on fierce barbarians, there is a mighty fine armor to be claimed in one of their camps called location, terrain direction of here.

The famed named item has been guarded in the armory for decades, but when the wild men from the north came they took everything with them. They are said to be camping out somewhere in terrain distance form here.

I came here to pick up an heirloom from my late grandfather just to get to know it has been stolen by marauding barbarians. They are said to loiter somewhere terrain direction of here, but I fear I will never get it back.

Are you also here to look for named item like all those other fools? It is said to lie somewhere terrain direction. Nothing but hogwash if you ask me...

Named Item - Nomad Rumors
Weapon Shield Body Armor or Helmet

The nomads take what they want and hide out in the desert. The guards have been looking for them terrain direction of here. I think they\'re distance.

The days here in the south are as bright as the nights are dark. I must have stumbled and lost my precious weapon distance to the direction, but I gave up looking for it.

The craftsmen of the ancient times really knew how to make remarkable weapons. Rumors has it such a weapon is with a nomad tribe hiding out in the direction, but who should take it from them - me? Ha!

A shield reflecting the sunlight like a mirror, more blinding than the midday in the desert! Where I saw that? Some Nomads had it in the direction distance from here, if I recall correctly."

All my life I\'ve been hunting nomdas across the borders terrain, but I never saw one wield a shield like this one before. It was distance to the direction at one of their camps.

Nomads do not only take from the living but from the dead as well! Word has it they plundered the so-called named item from a tomb direction of here where they have their camp still. They really do not have any decency.

I used to be first quartermaster to a Vizier. When the famed armor I ordered for a guest of honor did not arrive, I lost my position. The caravan with it was ambushed by nomads, I later learned, direction of here.

An oppulent armor is said to be hidden out terrain direction from here. Many treasure seekers failed to claim it so far but maybe you have more luck?

The most skilled armorsmith around, who happens to be a friend of mine, got tricked by those damned nomads and they made off with one of his prize armors. If you come across any nomads direction of here, search their bodies thoroughly!

Named Item - Ancient Dead & Zombie Rumors
Weapon Shield Body Armor or Helmet

Now, I don't want to start any rumors, but I saw a dead man walking around direction of here. His rotten hands clutched an extraordinary weapon but I'd never dare go there again in my life!

Some drunk scavenger came by last night, told us he'd tried to wrestle a weapon beset with gems from a dead man's hands distance to the direction. Said his grip was like a vice, and then he made a sound, so he ran off. Such nonsense, but he looked spooked as all hell.

There's lots of talk about the dead walking the earth again. random name says there's some to the direction of here. Sounds like hogwash to me.

Supposedly a bunch of graves direction of here are turning up empty. Someone said graverobbers were looking for a famed shield buried there. Strangely, nobody's actually seen those graverobbers, so maybe it's all hogwash.

So I watched over the steward's books and came across old maps that depicted an ancient noble burial ground terrain distance from here. However, nobody was able to find it yet. Well, some things are just not meant to be found, I suppose.

So terrain direction of here is supposedly the last resting place of a mystical piece of armor. Don't know the name myself, I just know a lot of adventurers go there and don't come back. Dunno why I told you, really. I like your business.

You heard of location? Ask anyone around here, it's been haunting townname since before I was born. Folks say some armor from the gods is sealed there for all time, back from when man first settled here.

Location Rumors[]

The rumor will just reveal a location. There is no guarantee of treasure, even if the rumor said so. There is no range limitation for the reveal.

Location Rumors

There's a place called location terrain to the direction of here. Most people know about it, I think, but few would venture there.

random name told me 'bout location the other day. Full of treasure he said, distance direction of here. Or maybe I'm remembering it wrong.

We spotted something on our way here, hidden way off the road, terrain distance direction of townname. Don't know what the locals call it, or if they even know about it, but it might be worth it going back there.

If it's adventure you seek, there's a place called location terrain direction of here. Don't know who lives there nowadays, though.

Heard of location? People say it's haunted, the dead walking and all. Somewhere direction of here. Maybe someone else in townname can tell you more...

You know of... gosh, what was it called again? To the direction distance from here, terrain. Can't for the life of me remember what we used to call it...

Came across location on your way here? Why, it's terrain to the direction. Someone should hire you to burn that thing to the ground. Nothing good's coming from there, that's for sure.

Contract Rumors[]

Names a settlement that has 1 or more Contracts available. The rumor wont create new Contracts.

Contract Rumors

I've heard the council of settlement is looking to hire mercenaries. Don't know what for.

A group of young lads left for settlement some days ago. They're looking to hire armed men over there, willing to pay real good. I just hope they make it back alive.

If you lot is looking for work, I've heard that they're hiring sellswords over at settlement.

You heard that they're looking to hire fighting men at settlement?

Some guy from settlement was here just the other day, wanted to hire strong lads for some problem they have over there. Don't think many went with him, though.

Heard that some fancy fat merchant or so from settlement is looking to hire armed guards the other day. Well, I ain't going to die for him, no thanks. Have me my house and wife right here.

Mercenaries, eh? We got a few of those these days. Just some days ago a bunch that called themselves mercenary company travelled through. On their way to settlement, they said, good coin to be made there.

If it's work you're looking for, they're taking crowns in hand over at settlement to hire strong men.