The Fangshire

Description Edit

The Fangshire is a northern tiger's skull that nestles the faces of man deeply and darkly behind two ferocious fangs. Originally worn by Bjarund the Beastman, a fierce northern raider, it instilled fear into the hearts of his enemies as he went on bloody raids and burned down many a village along the coastine. When Bjarund was finally slain, Fangshire was taken as a trophy and went further south. Rumors proclaim that its wearer's eyes glow a sharpened yellow, allowing them to see through the very night. This power grew in legend when Sir Hugo of Karnstein wore Fangshire to pass through the darkness of the north once more and assassinated Halrik the Conqueror, self-proclaimed king of all men, before his great war of conquest could even begin.

Where can it be found? Edit

  • As DLC content (Supporter Edition).