Description Edit

A net is used to throw over a target in order to hamper their ability to move and defend themself effectively.

Tips Edit

  • Carried instead of a shield.
  • Range of 3 tiles.
  • Roots a target in place and reduces their defenses until destroyed.
  • Can be used on any type of enemy (including all types of Orc).

Where can it be found? Edit

  • Can be bought from Marketplace in coastal settlements.
  • Can be dropped by Goblins.

Note Edit

  • Is destroyed on use. Once used in combat, a new one will need to be equipped.
  • Costs 5 AP to use and builds up 25 Fatigue .
  • Reduces defence by 45% in both melee and range.
  • Reduces initiative by 45%.
  • Removing a throwing net is based on your melle skill. Each failed attempt will give your next attempt 10 bonus points.