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Titles are meaningful words added to a character name. Some titles can be granted after certain Events. But most titles are set from the start. In that case, Traits and Character Backgrounds determine what titles can be given. It is thus possible to guess some of the traits a recruit can possess without having to resort to the tryout option.

Note that not all traits have associated titles. And the association is not always logical. For example, the Eagle Eyes title is not linked to the Eagle Eyes trait. It's still possible to get it but having the title doesn't make it more likely. If a title can be associated with both a trait and a background and if the recruit is of this background then the recruit will not necessarily get the associated trait.

The following is a complete list of all titles based on Traits and Character Backgrounds. It can be sorted or searched (Ctrl + F shortcut).

Title Trait BG
Eagle Eyes NightOwl.png Night Owl
Ironjaw Iron jaw.png Iron Jaw Brawler
Night Owl NightOwl.png Night Owl
Orcbane Hate for greenskins.png Hate for Greenskins Sellsword
Quickfeet Swift.png Swift
Quickmind Bright.png Bright Apprentice
the Ailing Ailing2.png Ailing
the Anxious Impatient.png Impatient
the Bear Huge.png Huge
the Bear Strong.png Strong
the Bear Tough.png Tough
the Big Strong.png Strong
the Blessed Lucky.png Lucky
the Blessed Survivor.png Survivor
the Braggart Cocky.png Cocky
the Brave Brave.png Brave
the Brave Cocky.png Cocky
the Bright Bright.png Bright Apprentice
the Bull Brute2.png Brute
the Bull Huge.png Huge
the Bull Strong.png Strong
the Bull Tough.png Tough
the Butcher Bloodthirsty.png Bloodthirsty Butcher Sellsword
the Chicken Dastard.png Dastard
the Chicken Trait icon 41.png Fainthearted
the Chicken Weasel.png Weasel
the Coward Trait icon 40.png Craven
the Coward Dastard.png Dastard
the Coward Weasel.png Weasel
the Craven Trait icon 40.png Craven
the Craven Dastard.png Dastard
the Crazy Paranoid.png Paranoid
the Cruel Bloodthirsty.png Bloodthirsty Manhunter
the Dog Loyal.png Loyal Deserter Sellsword
the Drunk Drunkard.png Drunkard
the Drunkard Drunkard.png Drunkard
the Dwarf Tiny.png Tiny
the Eager Impatient.png Impatient
the Eel Weasel.png Weasel
the Fat Fat.png Fat
the Fearless Deathwish.png Deathwish
the Fearless Fearless.png Fearless
the Follower Loyal.png Loyal Cultist
the Fox Bright.png Bright
the Giant Huge.png Huge Hedge Knight
the Halfman Tiny.png Tiny
the Hammer Brute2.png Brute
the Hero Brave.png Brave
the Idiot Dumb.png Dumb
the Liar Disloyal.png Disloyal Beggar
the Loyal Loyal.png Loyal
the Lucky Lucky.png Lucky Gambler
the Lucky Survivor.png Survivor Gambler
the Mad Bloodthirsty.png Bloodthirsty Cultist
the Mad Deathwish.png Deathwish Cultist
the Meek Trait icon 41.png Fainthearted
the Mountain Fat.png Fat Hedge Knight
the Mountain Huge.png Huge Hedge Knight
the Odd Deathwish.png Deathwish Cultist Gravedigger
the Odd Dumb.png Dumb Cultist Gravedigger
the Ox Brute2.png Brute
the Ox Fat.png Fat
the Ox Huge.png Huge
the Ox Strong.png Strong
the Ox Tough.png Tough
the Pale Ailing2.png Ailing Indebted
the Paranoid Paranoid.png Paranoid
the Pig Fat.png Fat
the Quick Bright.png Bright
the Quick Impatient.png Impatient
the Quick Quick.png Quick
the Rock Iron jaw.png Iron Jaw Brawler
the Rock Tough.png Tough Brawler
the Short Tiny.png Tiny
the Sickly Ailing2.png Ailing
the Slow Dumb.png Dumb
the Slow Hesitant.png Hesitant
the Spineless Trait icon 40.png Craven
the Stallion Iron jaw.png Iron Jaw Brawler
the Strong Strong.png Strong
the Survivor Survivor.png Survivor Refugee
the Swift Swift.png Swift Swordmaster
the Swine Fat.png Fat Manhunter
the Swine Gluttonous.png Gluttonous Manhunter
the Tower Huge.png Huge
the Weasel Weasel.png Weasel Beggar Peddler
the Wise Bright.png Bright
Turncoat Trait icon 40.png Craven
Title Background
Backblade Killer on the run.png Killer on the Run
Bindlestiff Vagabond.png Vagabond
Bladedancer Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
Bloodeye Butcher 02.png Butcher
Bricklayer Mason.png Mason
Cuckchild Bastard.png Bastard
Darkhearted Killer on the run.png Killer on the Run
Deuces Gambler.png Gambler
Eagle Eye Hunter2.png Hunter
Earthside Miner.png Miner
Fourfingers Raider2.png Raider
Goodhand Apprentice.png Apprentice
Gravespotter Gravedigger.png Gravedigger
Hamfisted Brawler.png Brawler
Hoofmind Shepherd.png Shepherd
Ironjaw Brawler.png Brawler
Longnose Ratcatcher.png Ratcatcher
Mancrusher Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
Master of
the Realm
Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
of the Desert Background 63.png Nomad
One Shot Hunter2.png Hunter
on the Run Killer on the run.png Killer on the Run
Orcbane Sellsword.png Sellsword
Quickblade Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
Quickfingers Thief.png Thief
Quickmind Apprentice.png Apprentice
Ravensblack Raider2.png Raider
Redmeat Butcher 02.png Butcher
Redsands Background 63.png Nomad
Runsfar Refugee.png Refugee
Silkworm Tailor.png Tailor
Silver-Tounge Peddler.png Peddler
Son of the Desert Background 63.png Nomad
Songbird Minstrel.png Minstrel
Steelwielder Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
Strongface Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
Tatterdemalion Vagabond.png Vagabond
the Apprentice Apprentice.png Apprentice
the Architect Mason.png Mason
the Arrowmaker Bowyer.png Bowyer
the Artisan Mason.png Mason
the Assassin Assassin.png Assassin
the Axe Lumberjack.png Lumberjack
the Backstabber Southern Assassin Assassin
the Bandit Raider2.png Raider
the Barbarian Background 60.png Indebted
the Barbarian Wildman.png Wildman
the Bard Minstrel.png Minstrel
the Bastard Bastard.png Bastard
the Beasthunter Beast slayer.png Beast Slayer
the Beastslayer Beast slayer.png Beast Slayer
the Beggar Beggar.png Beggar
the Believer Cultist.png Cultist
the Belly Dancer Background 64.png Belly Dancer
the Berserker Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Betrayer Deserter.png Deserter
the Black Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Black Cat Thief.png Thief
the Blade Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Bloody Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Bound Background 60.png Indebted
the Bounty Hunter Background 62.png Manhunter
the Bowyer Bowyer.png Bowyer
the Brawler Brawler.png Brawler
the Bright Apprentice.png Apprentice
the Broken Cripple2.png Cripple
the Brutal Background 62.png Manhunter
the Builder Mason.png Mason
the Burglar Thief.png Thief
the Butcher Butcher 02.png Butcher
the Butcher Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Calm Monk.png Monk
the Captive Background 60.png Indebted
the Cardsharper Gambler.png Gambler
the Catcher Background 62.png Manhunter
the Champion Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Chorine Minstrel.png Minstrel
the Cleaver Butcher 02.png Butcher
the Cleaver Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Conscript Militia.png Militia
the Courier Messenger.png Messenger
the Crawler Miner.png Miner
the Criminal Background 60.png Indebted
the Cripple Cripple2.png Cripple
the Crow Raider2.png Raider
the Cruel Background 62.png Manhunter
the Cultist Cultist.png Cultist
the Cutpurse Thief.png Thief
the Dagger Southern Assassin Assassin
the Dancing Blade Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Deerhunter Hunter2.png Hunter
the Defiant Raider2.png Raider
the Defiler Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Derelict Refugee.png Refugee
the Desert Raider Background 63.png Nomad
the Desert Scourge Background 63.png Nomad
the Deserter Deserter.png Deserter
the Devoted Monk.png Monk
the Dirty Beggar.png Beggar
the Disgraced Disowned noble.png Disowned Noble
the Disowned Disowned noble.png Disowned Noble
the Dog Deserter.png Deserter
the Dog Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Dogkeeper Houndmaster.png Houndmaster
the Elder Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Elusive Southern Assassin Assassin
the Enslaved Background 60.png Indebted
the Eunuch Eunuch.png Eunuch
the Exiled Disowned noble.png Disowned Noble
the Exiled Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Exorciser Witchhunter.png Witchhunter
the Faithful Monk.png Monk
the Falcon Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Fallen Knight Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Fanatic Cultist.png Cultist
the Fast Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Fencer Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Feral Wildman.png Wildman
the Fine Tailor.png Tailor
the Fisher Fisherman.png Fisherman
the Fisherman Fisherman.png Fisherman
the Flagellant Flagellant.png Flagellant
the Fletcher Bowyer.png Bowyer
the Flying Blade Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Follower Cultist.png Cultist
the Fool Juggler.png Juggler
the Footman Militia.png Militia
the Free Background 63.png Nomad
the Gambler Gambler.png Gambler
the Gelding Eunuch.png Eunuch
the Giant Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Goatman Shepherd.png Shepherd
the Gravedigger Gravedigger.png Gravedigger
the Hawk Background 63.png Nomad
the Heartless Background 62.png Manhunter
the Hedge Knight Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Historian Historian.png Historian
the Homeless Beggar.png Beggar
the Homeless Vagabond.png Vagabond
the Hound Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Hound Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Houndmaster Houndmaster.png Houndmaster
the Humble Shepherd.png Shepherd
the Hunter Beast slayer.png Beast Slayer
the Hunter Hunter2.png Hunter
the Hunter Background 62.png Manhunter
the Hyena Background 63.png Nomad
the Idle Beggar.png Beggar
the Impaler Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Indebted Background 60.png Indebted
the Insane Cultist.png Cultist
the Insidious Southern Assassin Assassin
the Jester Juggler.png Juggler
the Jouster Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Juggler Juggler.png Juggler
the Kennelmaster Houndmaster.png Houndmaster
the Kid Apprentice.png Apprentice
the Kidnapped Background 60.png Indebted
the Knightslayer Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Knightslayer Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Learner Apprentice.png Apprentice
the Legend Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Liar Beggar.png Beggar
the Lone Wolf Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Lost Cultist.png Cultist
the Lover Minstrel.png Minstrel
the Luck Maker Gambler.png Gambler
the Lucky Gambler.png Gambler
the Mad Cultist.png Cultist
the Maimed Cripple2.png Cripple
the Mancatcher Background 62.png Manhunter
the Manhunter Background 62.png Manhunter
the Marauder Raider2.png Raider
the Master Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Mauler Brawler.png Brawler
the Menace Raider2.png Raider
the Merchant Peddler.png Peddler
the Merciless Background 62.png Manhunter
the Merciless Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Messenger Messenger.png Messenger
the Militiaman Militia.png Militia
the Miller Miller.png Miller
the Miner Miner.png Miner
the Minstrel Minstrel.png Minstrel
the Misguided Cultist.png Cultist
the Mistake Bastard.png Bastard
the Monk Monk.png Monk
the Mountain Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Murderer Southern Assassin Assassin
the Murderer Killer on the run.png Killer on the Run
the Nighthunter Witchhunter.png Witchhunter
the Nomad Background 63.png Nomad
the Northerner Background 60.png Indebted
the Northman Background 60.png Indebted
the Obedient Background 60.png Indebted
the Occultist Cultist.png Cultist
the Odd Cultist.png Cultist
the Odd Gravedigger.png Gravedigger
the Old Retired soldier.png Retired Soldier
the Older Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Oldguard Retired soldier.png Retired Soldier
the Old Guard Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Outcast Wildman.png Wildman
the Owl Historian.png Historian
the Pale Background 60.png Indebted
the Particular Tailor.png Tailor
the Patient Bowyer.png Bowyer
the Peaceful Shepherd.png Shepherd
the Peculiar Tailor.png Tailor
the Peddler Peddler.png Peddler
the Pilgrim Flagellant.png Flagellant
the Pillager Raider2.png Raider
the Pious Monk.png Monk
the Poet Minstrel.png Minstrel
the Poor Beggar.png Beggar
the Preacher Monk.png Monk
the Prince Thief.png Thief
the Prisoner Background 60.png Indebted
the Pure Flagellant.png Flagellant
the Quiet Monk.png Monk
the Ragged Beggar.png Beggar
the Raider Background 60.png Indebted
the Raider Raider2.png Raider
the Rat Ratcatcher.png Ratcatcher
the Ratcatcher Ratcatcher.png Ratcatcher
the Raven Thief.png Thief
the Raven Vagabond.png Vagabond
the Red Butcher 02.png Butcher
the Red Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Refugee Refugee.png Refugee
the Restless Vagabond.png Vagabond
the Restrained Background 60.png Indebted
the Rock Brawler.png Brawler
the Runner Deserter.png Deserter
the Runner Messenger.png Messenger
the Ruthless Background 62.png Manhunter
the Savage Wildman.png Wildman
the Scholar Monk.png Monk
the Scorpion Background 63.png Nomad
the Scourge Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Secret Son Bastard.png Bastard
the Seeker Flagellant.png Flagellant
the Sergeant Retired soldier.png Retired Soldier
the Serpent Background 63.png Nomad
the Serpent Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Shackled Background 60.png Indebted
the Shadow Southern Assassin Assassin
the Shadow Thief.png Thief
the Sheep Shepherd.png Shepherd
the Shepherd Shepherd.png Shepherd
the Shoveler Gravedigger.png Gravedigger
the Sick Beggar.png Beggar
the Skillful Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Skjald Minstrel.png Minstrel
the Skulltaker Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Skunk Beggar.png Beggar
the Slaver Background 62.png Manhunter
the Slayer Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Sloth Beggar.png Beggar
the Sluggard Beggar.png Beggar
the Snake Peddler.png Peddler
the Snake Thief.png Thief
the Snatcher Thief.png Thief
the Soldier Retired soldier.png Retired Soldier
the Stallion Brawler.png Brawler
the Student Apprentice.png Apprentice
the Studious Historian.png Historian
the Sturdy Lumberjack.png Lumberjack
the Surbated Refugee.png Refugee
the Survivor Refugee.png Refugee
the Sutler Peddler.png Peddler
the Swift Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Swine Background 62.png Manhunter
the Tailor Tailor.png Tailor
the Tarnish Bastard.png Bastard
the Tepid Ratcatcher.png Ratcatcher
the Terrible Raider2.png Raider
the Thaumaturge Flagellant.png Flagellant
the Thief Thief.png Thief
the Torturer Witchhunter.png Witchhunter
the Tracker Beast slayer.png Beast Slayer
the Tracker Background 62.png Manhunter
the Traveller Vagabond.png Vagabond
the Troubadour Minstrel.png Minstrel
the Trophyhunter Beast slayer.png Beast Slayer
the Unbeaten Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Undefeated Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Understudy Apprentice.png Apprentice
the Unforgiving Background 62.png Manhunter
the Unfree Background 60.png Indebted
the Unlucky Background 60.png Indebted
the Unmatched Swordmaster2.png Swordmaster
the Unruly Background 60.png Indebted
the Unseen Southern Assassin Assassin
the Useless Beggar.png Beggar
the Vagabond Vagabond.png Vagabond
the Veteran Retired soldier.png Retired Soldier
the Wanderer Background 63.png Nomad
the Wanderer Vagabond.png Vagabond
the Wanted Killer on the run.png Killer on the Run
the Waylayer Background 63.png Nomad
the Weasel Beggar.png Beggar
the Weasel Peddler.png Peddler
the Wild Card Gambler.png Gambler
the Wild Wildman.png Wildman
the Wildman Wildman.png Wildman
the Witchhunter Witchhunter.png Witchhunter
the Wolf Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
the Wolf Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Woodsman Hunter2.png Hunter
the Woodsman Lumberjack.png Lumberjack
the Worm Deserter.png Deserter
the Young Apprentice.png Apprentice
the Younger Sellsword.png Sellsword
the Zealot Cultist.png Cultist
Threefeet Vagabond.png Vagabond
Throatslash Killer on the run.png Killer on the Run
True-Shot Hunter2.png Hunter
Turncloak Deserter.png Deserter
Warshout Hedge knight.png Hedge Knight
Whoreson Bastard.png Bastard
Woodstalker Beast slayer.png Beast Slayer
Woodstalker Hunter2.png Hunter