Feel free to add tasks that you think should be done or move tasks that are done to the completed tasks table.
If you are not sure about a task/topic, feel free to discuss it/them in the forum or comments.

Difficulty easy.png Easy Tasks
Can be done by anyone that owns the game:
  • Game mechanics testing
    • Make thorough tests to determine if Iron Will Potion still prevents getting new temporary injuries
    • Check how much XP is gained from killing Nachzehrer Size 2 and 3
Difficulty medium.png Tasks
Requires more experience with the editor to implement properly:
Difficulty hard.png Advanced Tasks
Requires more experience with the editor, game files and game code to implement properly:
  • Create individual pages for Champions (Example: Desert StalkerDesert Stalker (Champion))
    • All stats except initiative will be rounded down to the next full number, initiative will be rounded up from .5 else down
      • Negative attribute math: -5 MeleeDefense × (1 ÷ MeleeDefenseMult) = -4 MeleeDefense
      • If a negative numer has to be rounded: -5.1-6
    • The chance to turn into a champion can be found: data_001\scripts\config\spawnlist_master.nut
      • Variant = 1 would be 1% Chance
Contract scroll.png Neverending Tasks
Tasks that are either continuous work or will always need attention:
  • Test if mechanics and data on the wiki matches with ingame observations
Contract scroll disabled.png Completed Tasks
Move any task over here if you think it is completed:

—————————————————Completed Tasks October 2020————————————————

  • Update Shields item sources on individual and the main pages

—————————————————Completed Tasks September 2020————————————————

—————————————————Completed Tasks August 2020——————————————————

  • Update changed stats on Weapons on the weapons page and individual page
  • Update changed stats on Armor on the armor page and individual page
  • Update Armor and Weapons purchase sources, if settlements attached locations' influence on item availability was changed: Leather Tanner doesn't provide some items any more
  • Update changed stats on Shields on the armor page and individual page
  • Update changed Consumables
  • Update Perks that got changed
  • Update Talents page for new stat ranges on level up
  • Update Skills that got changed
  • Update changed Status Effects
  • Update old Tavern Rumors
  • Update Enemies stats
  • Update Enemies perks
  • Update individual Temporary Injuries pages
  • Update Temporary Injuries main page with inclusions from individual pages
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