Feel free to add tasks that you think should be done or move tasks that are done to the completed tasks table.
If you are not sure about a task/topic, feel free to discuss it/them in the forum or comments.

Difficulty easy.png Easy Tasks
Can be done by anyone that owns the game:
Difficulty medium.png Tasks
Requires more experience with the editor to implement properly:
  • Check if information for all Ambitions is correct.
    • Have All Provisions needs minor addition for non-Blazing Desert DLC and/or needs more addition for the Blazing Desert DLC.
  • Create a new Colorcoded Table that has all the new Backgrounds in it
  • Create a new page for all the (Steam) achievements
Difficulty hard.png Advanced Tasks
Requires more experience with the editor, game files and game code to implement properly:
  • Update Events with the game files
  • Update pre-DLC Enemies pages with data from the game files:
  • Add icons, links, information and/or re-text Weapons classes intro paragraphs (Example: Daggers)
  • Add new Enemies
  • Add new Skills
  • Add new Status Effects
  • Add new Events
  • Add missing Ambitions: Buy and sell trading goods
  • Add new Ambitions: Win arena fights, Fulfill contracts for the city states, End the war between north and south, Complete more contracts
  • Add new Contracts
  • Add new Legendary Locations
  • Create individual pages for Champions (Example: Desert StalkerDesert Stalker (Champion))
    • All stats except initiative will be rounded down to the next full number, initiative will be rounded up from .5 else down
      • Negative attribute math: -5 MeleeDefense × (1 ÷ MeleeDefenseMult) = -4 MeleeDefense
      • If a negative numer has to be rounded: -5.1-6
    • The chance to turn into a champion can be found: data_001\scripts\config\spawnlist_master.nut
      • Variant = 1 would be 1% Chance
Contract scroll.png Neverending Tasks
Tasks that are either continuous work or will always need attention:
  • Test if mechanics and data on the wiki matches with ingame observations
  • Proofread already written texts; correct typos; re-text material, if necessary, to make the text sound and look better
  • Add and update links (e.g.: [https://battlebrothers.fandom.com/wiki/Battle_Standard battle standart] battle standart --> [[Battle Standard]] Battle Standard); icons (see: Attributes page as an example)
Contract scroll.png Contract scroll.png Tasks for Admins
Tasks that can/should be performed only by the Admins:
  • Protect the most crucial Battle Brothers Wiki pages, e.g. the Main page (just like or similar to what was done at the Russian Battle Brothers Wiki)
Contract scroll disabled.png Completed Tasks
Move any task over here if you think it is completed:

—————————————————Completed Tasks May 2021————————————————

—————————————————Completed Tasks April 2021————————————————

  • Check if all changes of the Update are covered
  • Add game version changelog:
    • Create page with the game version changelog. (Example: Update
    • Add content of the game version changelog page to the News and Dev Blogs.
    • Add game version changelog image/link to the main page news gallery.
  • Add/update item sources on Armor individual pages.
  • Add/update item sources on Armor main page with most useful loot sources information.

—————————————————Completed Tasks March 2021————————————————

  • Add/update item sources on Throwing Weapons individual pages. (Example: Hunting Bow) // (Note: some opponents marked in the game files as having these weapons don't actually use or drop them, so don't add them as item source.)

—————————————————Completed Tasks February 2021————————————————

  • Game mechanics testing: Make thorough tests to determine if Iron Will Potion still prevents getting new temporary injuries.Difficulty easy.png
  • Add/update item sources on Weapons individual pages.Difficulty hard.png

—————————————————Completed Tasks January 2021————————————————

—————————————————Completed Tasks October 2020————————————————

  • Update Shields item sources on individual and the main pages

—————————————————Completed Tasks September 2020————————————————

—————————————————Completed Tasks August 2020——————————————————

  • Update changed stats on Weapons on the weapons page and individual page
  • Update changed stats on Armor on the armor page and individual page
  • Update Armor and Weapons purchase sources, if settlements attached locations' influence on item availability was changed: Leather Tanner doesn't provide some items any more
  • Update changed stats on Shields on the armor page and individual page
  • Update changed Consumables
  • Update Perks that got changed
  • Update Talents page for new stat ranges on level up
  • Update Skills that got changed
  • Update changed Status Effects
  • Update old Tavern Rumors
  • Update Enemies stats
  • Update Enemies perks
  • Update individual Temporary Injuries pages
  • Update Temporary Injuries main page with inclusions from individual pages
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