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Assorted tools and supplies to keep your weapons, armor, helmets and shields in good condition.

Where Can They Be Found?[]


  • One point is required to repair 15 points of item durability.
  • Items equipped and carried (in bag slots) by characters are automatically repaired.
  • Running out of supplies may result in weapons breaking in combat and will leave your armor damaged and useless.
  • In your stash, you can mark/unmark items to be repaired with Alt+Right-Click.
  • Maximum carrying capacity is determined by Economic Difficulty of the game: 150 - for Veteran, Expert; 200 - for Beginner.
  • The Quartermaster will increase carrying capacity by 50.
  • Items are repaired at 3 points of durability per hour (tick) rate.
  • The Blacksmith increases repair speed by 33%.
  • When Camped or Escorting Caravan (contract) repair rate is doubled for the the same time interval.
  • Making a Camp comes at the expense of having less vision range and also being more visible to roaming enemies (more dangerous parties are often attracted at night).
  • It is also possible to preserve Tools and Supplies by repairing damaged equipment at settlements' Weaponsmith or Armorer, though at a higher cost (repair cost heavily depends on the item's worth value).
  • Perk 03.png Battle Forged is also considered as a tools-saving perk.