Trade is conducted throughout settlements with trade caravans. It is one option for the player to get crowns besides fighting and killing, destroying enemy camps or doing Missions. The player can participate in trade simply by buying goods where they are cheap and selling them where they are expensive.

Selling and buying[edit | edit source]

What you basically want for trading is to have a good relationship to all towns and villages producing valuable trade goods (even some sorts of Food can be used as trade goods but it's usually less efficient).

The selling/buying price of goods depends on the following circumstances:

  • Is it a village or a town? Villages often produce cheaper and towns pay more for such items.
    (Take note, that if a town produces the same goods as a village, the town will most likely pay a very low price for it.)
  • Is the settlement in good shape or is something bothering it?
    Ambushed trade routes, missing villagers or other problems cause a settlement to have a reduced set of wares and/or price.
  • Ambushed trade routes however can be used to your advantage as it raises the prices at which you sell wares too... A poorly supplied city will make you richer... but you won't find as much equipment there and it will be expensive.
  • Is your relation with the settlement good?
    Better relations grant better selling and buying prices. One ways to strengthen the relation between the player and a settlement is to successfully complete Contracts for it.

Some insights and findings are present here and here.

Trade goods[edit | edit source]

Trade Goods are produced in Settlements and can be bought and sold for profit.

A good trade tactic is to buy goods cheaply in small settlements with good local reputation and sell them in larger ones that are not able to produce them.

Trade goods can be reclaimed from enemy parties or camps. The same can be done with Provisions and Treasures.

Peat Bricks
Basic worth: 100Crowns.png
Cloth Rolls.png
Cloth Rolls
Basic worth: 140Crowns.png
Quality wood.png
Quality Wood*
Basic worth: 180Crowns.png
Copper bars.png
Copper Ingots
Basic worth: 220Crowns.png
Basic worth: 260Crowns.png
Basic worth: 300Crowns.png
Basic worth: 320Crowns.png
Basic worth: 340Crowns.png
Basic worth: 380Crowns.png
Basic worth: 400Crowns.png
Basic worth: 460Crowns.png
Basic worth: 520Crowns.png

*Is needed to craft a Masterwork Bow.

Supplies[edit | edit source]

Provisions Ammunition Tools and Supplies Medical Supplies
Armor parts.png
Feeds Brothers
Basic Worth:
Reloads Ammunition
Basic Worth:
100Crowns.png for 50Ammo icon.png
Repairs Equipment
Basic Worth:
200Crowns.png for 20Supplies icon.png
Heals Wounds
Basic Worth:
200Crowns.png for 20Medicine icon.png
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