Some smaller changes and fixes.

If you have a modded game and you encounter issues, remove your mods.

If you encounter issues with Ifrits, enemies with Firelances or Three-Headed Flails, arena combat not ending or not finding the love of your life, remove the 'faster' mod.

If you still encounter issues, please report them here.

Changelog for

  • Changed turns to no longer auto-end if a player character can still use the 'Adrenaline' skill.
  • Changed AI to be able to re-equip their weapon if disarmed while having the 'Quick Hands' perk the same way that the player can.
  • Changed charge skill of Orc Youngs and Unholds to only be usable once per turn, since the recent change to zones of control no longer being exerted by stunned characters allowed them to potentially do two charges under specific circumstances.
  • Changed factions involved in the holy war to conquer holy sites less frequently, as to allow more time for the player to pick up related contracts and have less news spam about the ongoing war.
  • Fixed issues with the interaction of cultist conversion events and indebted.
  • Fixed unintended interaction between 'Puncture' skill and 'Head Hunter' perk.
  • Fixed Surgeon follower not being able to save characters dying from bleeding or poisoning.
  • Fixed Scavenger follower not scavenging ammo from throwing weapons.
  • Fixed a specific event concerning a pay raise firing even though the player has the Paymaster follower.
  • Fixed incorrect starting positions of ambush twist during the 'Destroy Goblin Camp' contract.
  • Fixed rare issue with game hanging as assassins attempt to use throwable pots.
  • Fixed issue with Kraken sometimes not dying properly.
  • Fixed awkward look if a Lindwurm's tail is entrapped in a net and the body decides to move. Tails can now no longer be netted individually, but the body can still be netted, which also limits the mobility of the tail and is more consistent with its interaction with zones of control.
  • Fixed 'Big Game Hunt' contract potentially sending the player into desert regions that aren't home to beasts that the player should hunt.
  • Fixed some other minor issues..[1]

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