Various minor bug fixes.

If you have a modded game and you encounter issues, remove your mods. Seriously.

If you still encounter issues, please report them here following the instructions in the sticky thread.

Changelog for

  • Fixed disarmed characters able to gain stacks of 'Reach Advantage' when attacking with their fists or biting.
  • Fixed wardogs being shown as valid targets for the 'Disarm' skill.
  • Fixed potentially wrong combat positions when escorting a caravan while another caravan nearby is attacked.
  • Fixed occupation of holy sites by AI parties with the player right next to them potentially triggering combat with no opponents that ends immediately.
  • Fixed rare issue of combat not loading.
  • Fixed issue with 'Intercept Raiding Parties' contract after failing the objective.
  • Fixed issue with 'Hold Fortress' contract after retreating.
  • Fixed issue with a particular event if the player only has characters with the 'Strong' trait in his roster.
  • Fixed officer champions potentially spawning without a weapon and brigand leader champions potentially spawning with a ranged weapon but no quiver in rare cases.
  • Fixed orc berserkers not dropping mushrooms as loot.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.[1]

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