Another small update.

If you have a modded game and you encounter issues, remove your mods. Seriously.

If you still encounter issues, please report them here following the instructions in the sticky post.

Changelog for

  • Added some retirement texts for special backgrounds, as well as one new event for the 'Lone Wolf' origin.
  • Fixed food no longer being consumed after loading a save while escorting a caravan.
  • Fixed issue with events and contract twists that have you fight against factions which you're on friendly terms with not working properly.
  • Fixed issue with Watermill location potentially being inaccessible.
  • Fixed 'Grazed Neck' injury not being affected by 'Iron Will' potion.
  • Fixed issue with AI of Serpents sometimes not acting.
  • Fixed issue with AI of Gunners sometimes not changing back to their Handgonne after being engaged in melee once.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.[1]

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