Another maintenance update to take care of issues reported to us over last couple of weeks.

If you have a modded game and you encounter issues, remove your mods. Seriously.

If you still encounter issues, please report them here following the instructions in the sticky post.

Changelog for

  • Fixed potential freeze on AI turns of Gunners under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed rare issue of UI becoming unresponsive as the enemy flees a battle while a new round starts.
  • Fixed 'Sling Stone' skill being usable even if disarmed.
  • Fixed incorrect hit chance shown in tooltip for 'Fire Handgonne' under certain conditions.
  • Fixed number of crafted items not being counted correctly.
  • Fixed issue with Watermill location being inaccessible under certain conditions.
  • Fixed men losing mood because they had to sit in reserve while the player lost a battle even with a Drill Sergeant in the retinue.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.[1]

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