Another maintenance update to take care of issues reported to us over last couple of weeks, as well as some balance changes.

If you have a modded game and you encounter issues, remove your mods. Seriously.

If you still encounter issues, please report them here following the instructions in the sticky post.

Changelog for

  • Changed Spear Mastery perk to also allow for activating the Spearwall skill when already adjacent to opponents.
  • Changed Living Tree Shield to regenerate 20 points of durability each turn, up from 4.
  • Fixed freeze as charmed characters attempt to throw smoke bombs.
  • Fixed combat potentially ending prematurely if only resurrected Wiedergängers are left.
  • Fixed some beast parties spawned by contracts not being attackable by other ai parties after the contract that spawned them has been cancelled.
  • Fixed berserker mushroom effect stacking.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.[1]

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