First off, Happy New Year everyone! :)

Been involved with the wiki for a while (most of my old contributions were in build 0.6) and there have been many changes since then to nearly every aspect of BB (new monsters were added (Lindwurm, Ancient Priest, Ancient Honor Guard, etc), perks were overhauled, ranged mechanics were changed, selling prices were modified, settlement statuses were added, Mood was added, Ambitions was added, Late Game Crises was added, XP for every mob was tweaked, etc). And those are just the ones I know of. Without a manual, it's been quite a challenge to track changes and present the most accurate picture of things. Hidden mechanic modifiers (ie diminishing returns on defense) further complicate the picture.

As such, I've always thought it best to have a discussion on topics which are still unclear and have everyone post their findings to have a better picture of things. As Zensalin stated, the wiki is the community's collective work and having a larger base always facilitates matters.

Here's my rough plan on updates (a sort-of mini To-do list for myself, with no promises on when these will be done, but I hope to look into these at some point):

1)Update melee/ranged defense for all mobs. Perhaps HPs and perks as well if I can find the time for it.

2)Complete melee/ranged skill for all mobs (this may take quite a while, but I hope to see common enemies done at some point). On this note, also hope to get the graph/table for diminishing returns on defense completely plotted for each point. Rechecking values for accuracy highly appreciated here.

3)Finish/tidy up initial gear and hiring costs for backgrounds

4)Weapons section - this is ok for the most part, but I hope to add a little over time (some costs are still wrong, also weapon strikes for 2-handers frequently take on very different hp and armor damage values, etc)

5)Market prices for various items and factors influencing buying and selling prices. Economics is not mentioned much and as selling prices have dropped since 0.6, I've seen quite a few players having trouble especially in the early game.

As mentioned above, contributions, suggestions (what do players want to know about) and most importantly participation and additional data are very welcome.


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