This is part of the larger update made possible with the opening of the game code (see this blog entry). It's a milestone for me, symbolic of the way traveled and the progress made since I started working on the wiki as one of my first substantial contribution was done on the Temporary Injuries page. But without further ado, these are the changes brought to all relevant pages:

  • the 'Injury' category was removed in favor of an 'Injuries' category (using the plural form for list or group of items instead of concepts)
  • all tables were reformatted; the Injuries page will now contain general information on the injury mechanics, compact tables of injuries and links to detailed pages for each of the main types: Temporary Injuries and Permanent Injuries
  • these last pages contain more visually attractive thumbnails of injuries; the format is inspired from the game tooltips
  • as usual, the outdated or incorrect content was cleared or amended and updated with data retrieved from the code
  • additional pages for each injury were added
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