Thanks to the admirable work done by Adam Milazzo on his Battle Brothers mod kit, we can now access, read and edit the game compiled script files.

What this means for us contributors is that we can now find precise data about every interesting aspect of the game like Game mechanics, Events, Weapons, etc.

In this post, I want to give some information about how to set up the mod kit and start accessing the files. The author's Readme does that to an extent but I figured more details wouldn't hurt.

1° First, you need to extract the contents of the game 'data_001' archive. See this or the kit Readme for more information
2° Download and extract the kit
3° Open a command prompt (type 'run' in the Windows search bar and enter), then type 'cmd'
4° Go to the kit bin directory by typing 'cd ...\bbros\bin', where '...' is the folder where you extracted the kit (use 'cd d/' instead of just 'cd' if the folder is located on another drive than the current one)
5° Type in 'massdecompile.bat ...\data_001\scripts' where '...' is the folder where you extracted 'data_001'

That's it! Now, you have decompiled versions of the scripts that you can open and read in a text editor. This is an example of the kind of research that can be conducted using the mod kit.