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The Battle Brothers Wiki is looking for all kinds of Brothers and Sisters!

Everyone can help and everyone's help is appreciated! Your knowledge makes the difference!

I need you to help out on here so all players of Battle Brothers do have a place to go to when wanting quick information about the game and everything in and around it without having to search through loads of discussions or wait for answers in a thread about a topic that has already been created for the millionth time on either of all the forums and thus maybe even get deleted in the end.

Help on whatever page you want, create a new one and/or take a look at the To-do list, if you want more specific info on what needs to be done on the wiki!

The wiki forums are perfect to state design ideas, discuss changes and for much more!

If you maybe need help with editing or don't know how to start, then you can check out a short introduction on how to edit or feel free to contact me or another user here.

You think you can't help or your input would not be heeded? Of course you can help and as said above, everyone's help is appreciated!

Not convinced? Ok, let me try this:
For the new players: You feel that you don't know enough about the game to help? Wrong!
If you played it for a while, you already know at least some parts of the game, which maybe are wrong, incomplete or generally missing on the wiki and maybe someone else even newer to the game than you think you yourself are doesn't know them. You can definitely help!

For the veterans: Do you remeber when you were new to the game and didn't have any info about the game? Crumbling through the forums, searching for old threads where your question has maybe already been answered?
You can help fellow new players to avoid these annoying steps and share your knowledge about the game!
And who knows, maybe you find something to intensely discuss about with the other players and veterans too.
(Who's got the best unique?!)

Thank you for reading and let's make this wiki a worthy place for us all, Brothers and Sisters!


If nothing of the above can convince you, then maybe you are interested in some competition and acquiring a place on the Leaderboard? :)

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